Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

It’s finally here! Spring and then summer and hiking and camping and all things outdoors. After a long winter, we are more than ready to get out in nature as much as possible (without having to wrestle everyone into snow suits).


This is the time of the year that I always do a little evaluation of what we have and what we need as far as clothing and gear for our four kids (aged 2 months to 7 years).

Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

While you certainly can hike and camp really in anything, sometimes having some more technical clothing for the kids too makes a world of difference. It means more comfortable little trekkers, safer expeditions (dealing with heat and cold), and usually an overall better experience. Layering is key, especially when hiking or camping in the mountains where temperatures and weather can change drastically and quickly.


However, we have four kids and a modest budget. If I didn’t manage to snag that gear during sales last fall, I rely heavily on Sierra Trading Post (affiliate link) and other discount shops. The trick is to check often and grab it quick when you find a deal!


Click over to the Sierra Trading Post HUB for a list of what we think are must-haves for kids and hiking.


Here’s some current findings at Sierra Trading Post we recommend. It’s just a sampling, so check the site for many more! As mentioned before, it’s advantageous to check back often and snag deals quickly when you find them.


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