Join us for #takaeahike – Week 2!

    **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!**

    WOW! We loved loved loved ALL you hikers this week! Rebecca and I were both blown away by all the great hiking photos we saw from all over the country. Thanks so much for taking the challenge, getting out on the trails, and joining in the fun. Oh and thanks to so many of you for showing us your swag too! It makes us feel like we are right along there with you.

    Ready for the next challenge? This is a good one because it’s so easy!

    Week 2 (June 13-19th) Challenge: Bring A Friend


    Sponsored by: JWalking Designs, Lightspeed Outdoors, Sawyer, Moji, & Rheos Sunglasses


    How to participate:

    1. Take a Hike with a friend
    2. Snap a photo or two
    3. Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    4. Share your photo and your experience. If you’re using….
      1. Facebook: Share it on the wall of talesofamountainmama or hikelikeawoman
      2. Twitter: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
      3. Instagram: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman (and be sure you are public or we can’t see it!)
    5. BIG Bonus points if you share a photo of your #takeahike t-shirt or water bottle on this week’s hike and if you share your photo on the JWalking Designs, Lightspeed Outdoors, Sawyer, Moji & Rheos social media pages.


    Still need some #takeahike swag!?!?  

    We have t-shirts & Nalgene water bottles available right here. We offer a HUGE group discount if you order 10 or more products, contact us for details–takeahike2016(at)gmail(dot)com


    What you can win:

    Join us for #takeahike - Week 2!

    • JWalking Designs Little Black Skirt for you and a friend (U.S.)
      • Holly H. – because she went hiking even AFTER running 18 miles the day before (and we love her swag!)
    • Lightspeed Outdoors Lounger 2-Pack to share with a friend (U.S. & Canada)
      • Steph N Kenzie – because she got her partner out (who helps her deal with her sugar crashes, is super patient AND even did a selfie with her to show off her swag!)
    • Sawyer Sample Package with some extra goodies to share with a friend (U.S.)
      • Rachel K. – because she did a long hike (7.7 miles) with some pretty impressive elevation gain AND still did her night shift afterwards (and, again, awesome swag!)
    • Moji foot roller for you and a friend (U.S.)
      • Erin C. – for taking FOUR people on their first hike ever!!
    • Rheos floating sunglasses for you and a friend (we’re giving away 4 pairs of Rheos sunglasses total!) (U.S.)
      • Amy P. – for hauling up serious toddler and gear up an impressive mountain with friends (and they are all smiling at the end too!) <- And we get to give ALL of you a pair of glasses (plus one extra to share with another friend)! Yea!!!

    Join us for #takaeahike - Week 2!


    How we choose the winners?

    Winners are selected randomly by Amelia & Rebecca. We’re looking for photos and stories that inspire and motivate us and the rest of our communities. You can increase your chances of winning by wearing your #takeahike t-shirt &/or using your #takeahike water bottle when you take your hike & sharing your photos with on our weekly sponsors social media sites as well.


    When will winners be announced?

    Right here on our website and social media sites on Wednesday June 16th.


    Help spread the word: Use these short social media messages or embed these photos to help spread the word about this week’s challenge hike!


    #takeahike & you might win a @JWalkingDesigns little black skirt for you and a friend! Details @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    You want a @LSOutdoors lounger, #takeahike with @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales for a chance to win one.


    Have you heard of @SawyerProducts, they’re sponsoring this week’s #takeahike challenge Check it out -> @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    Two lucky hikers are going to have happy feet–#takeahike w/ @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman & win a @GoMoji footrollers. #gomoji


    We’re giving away 4 pairs of @RheosGear floating sunglasses! Come #takeahikewith us, @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman.


    A huge thanks to @JWalkingDesigns, @LSOutdoors, @SawyerProducts, @GoMoji, @RheosGear for sponsoring this week’s #takeahikechallenge w/ @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Happy Hiking! We’ll see you on the trails.


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