Take a Hike and Pack a Picnic (#takeahike Week 4!)

    **WINNERS have been announced below! Scroll down to see if it was you!**

    One of the reasons we all love to hike is because it means we can eat more, right?! Well maybe not ALL of us, but around here, we love combining hiking with picnics (or at least heavy snacks). This week we want you to “dine with us”…or at least show us your photos of your food on the trail!

    Week 4 Challenge (June 27th-July 3rd): Pack A Picnic

    Sponsored by: Lightspeed Outdoors, Sawyer, Petzl, High Sierra & Deuter




    How to participate:

    1. Take a hike and pack a picnic!
    2. Snap a photo or two
    3. Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    4. Share your photo and your experience. If you’re using….
      1. Facebook: Share it on the wall of talesofamountainmama or hikelikeawoman
      2. Twitter: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
      3. Instagram: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
    5. BIG Bonus points if you share a photo of your #takeahike t-shirt on this week’s hike and if you share your photo on the Lightspeed Outdoors, Sawyer, Petzl, High Sierra & Deuter social media pages.


    Still need some #takeahike swag!? We have t-shirts & Nalgene water bottles available right here. We offer a HUGE group discount if you order 10 or more products, contact us for details–takeahike2016(at)gmail(dot)com


    What you can win:

    Take a Hike and Pack a Picnic (#takeahike Week 4!)

    • Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp (U.S.) <– @nifer1015 because her picnic was donuts! And that just deserves some recognition…
    • Lightspeed Outdoors Picnic Basket (U.S. & Canada) <– Angie S. – thanks for showing off your swag water bottle and we think you need a picnic basket too.
    • Sawyer Sample Package (U.S.) <– Kathryn P. – fondue picnic?!?! Is there seriously anything cooler?!? Can we come???
    • High Sierra Funston Full-Zip hoodie (U.S.) <–  Heather Y. – thanks for reminding us how picnics with kids are just not really that relaxing…and for taking the kids to the beach on a hike!
    • Deuter Groden (U.S.) <– Brooke H. – we LOVED your swag photos this week. And that beach! And your picnic! We just love everything about this! Thank you for sharing!!




    How we choose the winners?

    Winners are selected randomly by Amelia & Rebecca. We’re looking for photos and stories that inspire and motivate us and the rest of our communities. You can increase your chances of winning by wearing your #takeahike t-shirt &/or using your #takeahike water bottle when you take your hike & sharing your photos with on our weekly sponsors social media sites as well.


    When will winners be announced?

    Right here on our website and social media sites on Wednesday July 6th.


    Help spread the word: Use these short social media messages or embed these photos to help spread the word about this week’s challenge hike!


    Go #takeahike, enjoy a picnic & you might win a @LSOutdoors picnic basket. Details @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    One awesome hiker is gonna win a @SawyerProducts #takeahike prize package this week. Check it out -> @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    We’re giving an awesome @Petzl headlamp to one lucky #takeahike winner. Details @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    We have a @HighSierraInc hoodie to give away this week! #takeahike with @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales. #AdventureThisWay


    You need a @DeuterUSA pack. #takeahike with @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales for a chance to win.


    A huge thanks to @LSOutdoors, @SawyerProducts, @Petzl, @HighSierraInc & @DeuterUSA for sponsoring #takeahike w/ @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Happy Hiking! We’ll see you on the trails.


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