*Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike

    **Winners have been announced! Please scroll down to see if it was you!**


    We are seriously in the LAST week of #takeahike. Can you believe it??? I certainly can’t. Be sure to check back on the previous week’s challenges and see our winners here. 

    We sure do hope you keep on hiking – the summer isn’t even close to being over.

    Week 8 Challenge *Bonus Week* (July 25-31st) : Hike with your Kids, Dogs or Someone You Love

    *Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike

    Sponsored by: Kelty, Shellter, Otium Brands, Onya, Dublin Dog & Action Wipes 


    How to participate:

    1. Take a Hike with your kids, dogs or someone you love and tell us about it
    2. Snap a photo or two
    3. Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    4. Share your photo and your experience. If you’re using….
      1. Facebook: Share it on the wall of talesofamountainmama or hikelikeawoman
      2. Twitter: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
      3. Instagram: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
    5. Bonus points if you share a photo of your #takeahike t-shirt on this week’s hike and if you share your photo on the Kelty , Shellter, Otium Brands, Onya BabyDublin Dog  & Action Wipes social media pages.


    Still need some #takeahike swag! We have t-shirts & Nalgene water bottles available right here and everything is just $15.00. Help us close up shop and get them out of Rebecca’s office! And don’t worry – you can STILL wear your  sweet swag and inspire other AND use them for next year’s #takeahike!!

    *Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike


    What you can win:

    • Shellter shell + hood and zipper adapter – @katysevere – thanks for getting out despite some pretty major set backs! And we love your swag!
    • Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 – Kelly W. because that swag!!! Way to double up and thanks for supporting #takeahike
    • Onya Pure Carrier – Lydia M. because you got the whole family out finally (amazing how hard that can be, isn’t it?!?!) Way to go!
    • Otium Brands $100 Gift certificate – Sarah D. – you are an amazing mama to help your son get out and deal with the hardships of childhood illness….hugs to you!
    • Action Wipes Package – Michelle L. – sounds like that’s the perfect hike to refresh with some Action Wipes from!! Way to challenge yourself!!!
    • Dublin Dog swag bag (collars, leash, tees, etc.) – Barbara G. – even dogs have troubles hiking even when they love it. Way to get out anyway despite the inconveniences!!

    *Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike

    *Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike


    How we choose the winners?

    Winners are selected randomly by Amelia & Rebecca. We’re looking for photos and stories that inspire and motivate us and the rest of our communities. You can increase your chances of winning by wearing your #takeahike t-shirt &/or using your #takeahike water bottle when you take your hike & sharing your photos with on our weekly sponsors social media sites as well.


    When will winners be announced?

    Right here on our website and social media sites on Wednesday August 3rd.


    Help spread the word: Use these short social media messages or embed these photos to help spread the word about this week’s challenge hike!


    Pregnant &/or new Mama’s we have something amazing for you! The @shellter.mt! Check it out @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Alright outdoor families, we’re giving away a @KeltyBuilt Pathfinder 3.0!!! To enter you gotta #takeahike. Details @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    We’re giving away a *NEW* @onyababy PURE this week! #takeahike with @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales for a chance to win.


    If you have kids you’re going to need some clothing from @otiumbrands. Details @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman -> #takeahike


    Just #takeahike for a chance to win one of 4 @actionwipes prize packages! #takeahike @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Take a hike with your dog, we’ve got swag from @dublindogco for you! #takeahike @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Happy Hiking! We’ll see you on the trails.


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