Not to Late to Get Your #takeahike SWAG!

Not to Late to Get Your #takeahike SWAG!

The #takeahike challenge is not over yet, folks! We are going all the way through July with lots more opportunities to win big. In fact, we saved the biggest and most impressive prizes for the end. We hope you’re inspired to get out, bring a friend and trod that trail. We are loving the photos that continue to roll in!

There’s also still plenty of time to get swag. We have Nalgene water bottles (which are great for freezing before a hot hike), women’s tees and kids’ tees. This is the first year we have offered swag and we’re so glad you’re loving it too (and we always, always welcome feedback!).

Since our goal is to just get it out there, we have dropped all prices on everything to $15 AND free shipping. You can shop here. This is the lowest it will go, so don’t dally! We are also doing weekly “show us your swag” contests for extra prizes too.

Not to Late to Get Your #takeahike SWAG!

Questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can help you out!!!


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