It’s Week #6 of #takeahike !

    **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!**

    It’s Week #6 and we love this challenge because it is up to YOU to show us how you are challenging YOURSELF. So, be sure to explain your photos as you share them with us (so we get the full story!) Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post!!

    ****If you don’t see a like, or a comment from us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, tag us until you do! That’s how you know you were counted! We just don’t want to miss anyone!***

    Week 6 Challenge (July 11th-17th): Challenge Yourself


    Sponsored by: Teton Sports, Kelty, Seek Outside, Lightspeed Outdoors & UR Sportswear



    How to participate:

    1. Take a Hike and Challenge Yourself!
    2. Snap a photo or two
    3. Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    4. Share your photo and your experience. If you’re using….
      1. Facebook: Share it on the wall of talesofamountainmama or hikelikeawoman
      2. Twitter: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
      3. Instagram: Share it on your own profile using the hashtag #takeahike and tag @mtnmamatales and @hikelikeawoman
    5. Bonus points if you share a photo of your #takeahike t-shirt on this week’s hike and if you share your photo on the Teton Sports, Kelty, Seek Outside, Lightspeed Outdoors & UR Sportswear social media pages.

    It's Week #6 of #takeahike !


    Still need some #takeahike swag! We have t-shirts & Nalgene water bottles available right here and everything is $15.00 right now. Help us close up shop.

    It's Week #6 of #takeahike !


    What you can win:

    It's Week #6 of #takeahike !

    • Seek Outside $100.00 gift card (U.S.) – Steely L. – because her swag is sweet and worked past her fear of heights!
    • Kelty Trail Ridge 4 (U.S.) – Lindsay S. – because, despite morning sickness and not feeling like getting out, you did anyway 🙂 And your swag rocks!!
    • Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag (U.S.) – Kathryn P. – because her and her husband lost their dog this week and they got out anyway instead of staying home feeling sad!
    • Lightspeed Outdoors Outdoor Blanket (U.S. & Canada) – Nicole R. because she completed TWENTY miles with her kids this week (despite it not being very popular in her area)
    • UR Sportswear Outfit (U.S.) – Aubrey V. – because she gets out of bed BEFORE 4 am to hike (and we agree that we would all love to forget our adult responsibilities and just HIKE!)



    BONUS!! We think that Brooke H. earns our bonus prize this week. Incredible story, incredible strength and sweet swag, Brooke!!

    Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.09.55 PM


    How we choose the winners?

    Winners are selected randomly by Amelia & Rebecca. We’re looking for photos and stories that inspire and motivate us and the rest of our communities. You can increase your chances of winning by wearing your #takeahike t-shirt &/or using your #takeahike water bottle when you take your hike & sharing your photos with on our weekly sponsors social media sites as well.


    When will winners be announced?

    Right here on our website and social media sites on Wednesday July 20th.


    Help spread the word: Use these short social media messages or embed these photos to help spread the word about this week’s challenge hike!


    We’ve got a $100.00 @seekoutside gift card up for grabs this week. #takeahike for a chance to win it! @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman #TreadAnywhere #Seekoutside #SeekOutsideExplorer


    We’re giving away a @KeltyBuilt Trail Ridge 4 tent!!! To enter you gotta #takeahike. Details @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Cuddle up in a @TETONsports mammoth sleeping bag! #takeahike for a chance to win details at @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman #hikerchat


    Go #takeahike & you might win a @LSOutdoors blanket. Details @hikelikeawoman & @mtnmamatales


    We’re giving away a @URsportswear outfit this week! #takeahike, share a photo and you might win! @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Thank you @seekoutside, @KeltyBuilt, @ TETONsports, @LSOutdoors, @URsportswear for sponsoring #takeahike! @mtnmamatales & @hikelikeawoman


    Happy Hiking! We’ll see you on the trails.


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