Until Next Year #takeahike

    Until Next Year #takeahike

    Thank you for joining us for the past 8 weeks as we hiked and gave away prizes and were inspired by YOU!

    We loved seeing your photos and reading your stories and feeling like we were hiking together. And you helped US get out on those weeks when we didn’t really feel like it (because it happens to ALL of us).

    Rebecca and I have literally been planning the challenge since January, so it’s also a joyous relief when we see it end successfully!

    Thanks to all our amazing sponsors, we gave away over $4000 in gear. And, believe us when we say securing that all takes a lot of time and effort (and we love doing it!) It’s like being the hiking Santa all summer long!


    We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors, so please keep on thanking them all year long, okay?


    #takeahike 2017!

    We plan on this being an annual event…but we need your help!

    Would you take less than 5 minuets and fill out the survey  below for us? If you can’t access it below, you can also access it here.

    We want #takeahike to grow and be even better next year. We have some ideas up our sleeves…but are listening to what YOU tell us more than anything!

    Oh and if you were lucky enough to win something, please do share photos of that gear in use with us! We love to see it…and the brands do too!

    Keep getting out there and sharing your photos with us – we LOVE to see them!!!


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