Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    *This post is sponsored by Pine Mountain. We are proud to represent them this year as we make family memories around the fire!*

    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    It’s absolutely essential for families to spend time together. You hear us talk a lot around here about spending time together being active and outdoors, but there really is more to life than that. It’s so easy to get into a “let’s attitude” (which I am soooo guilty of!), that we forget to chill out and just BE as a family, all together.

    Often we tend to gather around the T.V., which is certainly not inherently wrong. It’s no secret in our family that movie night is a super big deal. We lay down a blanket, let them eat popcorn, and usually everyone gets to bed way too late.

    The problem is all those distractions in our home (our phones, the dishes to be done, the mail to open, the toys out, etc.) are still right there. Personally, I can’t relax knowing that I still have to clean the kitchen and make lunches and do all the leftover work from the day after the movie is done. And talking is often met with a rousing “shhhhhhh”.

    So, while gathering around the television has its place, it’s crucial to somehow “get away from it all” even in the middle of the week. Somehow sitting around a fire does it better than anything else. I love that it can be done inside or outside, depending on your situation, and works for adults and kids (of all ages) alike.

    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    And don’t be intimidated by the weather – sitting around the fire isn’t just for summer relaxing! Dress warm and head out in the snow too!

    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    A few quick tips:

    • Turn off the phones and watch the glow of the flames instead.
    • Gather around with cozy chairs or camp chairs and sleeping bags or blankets and just be.
    • Do your nighttime routines there! Sipping wine, reading stories, saying prayers, singing songs, telling jokes are all better around the fire.
    • Don’t make it a big deal. You don’t HAVE to sit out there for hours and hours. But, a while as a family and then later as a couple or with friends once the kids are in bed works wonders.

    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    Pine Mountain Firelogs for the Whole Winter:

    Our fires are a little extra special this winter with the help of Pine Mountain‘s collaboration with Yankee Candle¬†in their American Home Balsam Fir Firelogs. While it seems a little crazy to be sitting around a scented fire outside, it does make delightfully cozy because it smells so good. The kids (and we agree) think that it makes it seem like Christmas with Balsam Fir wafting through the air.

    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

    Plus, the Firelogs make fires so incredibly easy so we can focus on sitting around one instead of working half the time to get a good one going. Our big fire pit looks a little empty with just one log…but it’s always just enough to keep us a little warmer and more focused and more together (and less time dealing with the fire and clean up!)

    A couple quick reasons we love these Firelogs:

    • You can set them out in your home long before you actually use them in a fire and benefit from the smell (like a Yankee Candle sitting there….but much bigger and better.) The scent lasts 60-90+ days.
    • It is shaped more like a real log (in a wedge shape) than most other Firelogs we have used. This means more surface area and larger and more intense flames.
    • No mess, no fuss, just a great fire. Perfect for even weekday nights.
    • They can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Get a coupon for $4 off right here!

    If videos are your thing, here’s a REALLY rough one of our first fire with Pine Mountain this year. And yep, I totally didn’t pronounce Balsam Fir correctly. At all. Just keeping it real around here!


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    Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

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