12 Days of Giveaways Day 5: Dress Kids for Winter

12 Days of Giveaways Day 5: Dress Kids for Winter

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We get more questions on a regular basis about how to keep kids warm in the winter than anything else. We get it – it’s tough! We just published a post with some of our best recommendations for babies and kids in the winter. Be sure to check it out!

Two of those suggestions just happen to be our giveaways for today! And yes, this is what we recommend to our friends and family!

12 Days of Giveaways Day 5: Dress Kids for Winter


Stonz Winter Bootz are THE lightest and warmest boots we have found (and what we recommend to all our friends).

They come in two models –

  1. The “Scout” is for toddlers size 5 -9 and is rated for -22 degrees
  2. The “Trek” is for toddlers size 10 – youth size 6. It is rated down to 58 degrees F (and yes, we believe it!)

Winter boots can be a real hinderance to small kids (let’s be honest – adults hate heavy boots too!) Stonz makes ones light enough they hardly know they are wearing them….which is exactly why we love them!

They are also very easy to get in and out of, come in a a few different colors and don’t get in the way of kids playing. Win, win, win!

We will say that we prefer the “Trek” model over the Scout – it just seems to keep the snow out better!


Veyo Mittyz

I literally met Drake, the mastermind behind Veyo Mittyz, in a parking lot in Salt Lake where he showed me the first production of Mittyz almost 2 years ago now. I was smitten with the mittens from the beginning and they have proven to be ones we trust to keep little hands warm all the time!

Here’s what we love about them:

  • Fun designs to encourage kids to keep their mittens on
  • No thumb hole means warmer hands overall
  • Special shape of the mitten lets them still use their hands freely
  • Wrist cinch and arm toggle keep them ON, every single time
  • They’re super warm!
  • They’re soft and supple

Win from Stonz and Veyo Kids!

12 Days of Giveaways Day 5: Dress Kids for Winter

We will have 5 winners today:


  1. (2) Stonz Winter Bootz Winners **Open to US and Canada**
  2. (3) Veyo Mittyz Winners  **Open to US and Canada**

Please enter to win using the widgets below.

As usual, the winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the widget once it’s closed. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!

Stonz Winter Bootz

Veyo Mittyz

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