Adventure Through the Holidays – Go on a Hike!

    We’re on WEEK 3 of this #HolidayAdventure and we so hope you’re joining us!!


    Again, it’s super easy. Just pick 4 of the 7 challenges we have listed HERE, do them over the course of the next 7 weeks and then fill out the form when you’re done. Honor system and easy peasy. Then we’ll pick some winners and announce them on January 9th! Again, check out all the details here.

    Oh and be watching the blog for posts every Sunday to help give you some ideas on how to make it happen AND what you could win!

    Finally – tell your friends! We love seeing people get out!

    Challenge #3: Take A Hike

    **A guest post from Rebecca of Hike Like a Woman!**

    Secretly, I die a little bit on the inside when I hear that hiking groups shut down for the winter.

    Or when I see my friends totally depressed after spending an entire winter cooped up inside waiting for the snow to melt and trails to dry.

    Don’t do that.

    It’s not good.

    It’s not healthy.

    It’s not fun.

    Winter is not the time to hibernate, in my opinion, it’s the BEST time to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Adventure Through the Holidays - Go on a Hike!

    So how do you do it?

    How do you make a deliberate effort to leave the warm, comfort of your house and find a trail?

    First, it all starts with attitude.

    Envision your favorite trails in the summer. Trails surrounded by wildflowers, bodies of water and epic vistas.

    Now envision them in a winter. If you live in a snowy place, a blanket of snow can turn your favorite trails into whole new world.

    A magical new world.

    But you won’t know what it is unless you lace up your boots and take the first step.

    Adventure Through the Holidays - Go on a Hike!

    Next, it starts with a date on a calendar.

    We’re busy.

    We’re especially busy right now.

    We wear “business” on our sleeves like a badge of honor.

    Stop that cycle of busy and the justification of making excuses for not getting on the trails during the winter by making the effort to put a hike on your calendar.

    I don’t care if it’s only a 45 minute stroll down a nature trail in town. That’s still a hike.

    Maybe it’s an entire Saturday spent discovering a new trail. That’s good too.

    Just put it on your calendar and make time to do it.

    Adventure Through the Holidays - Go on a Hike!


    Don’t forget that you’re going to need proper clothing to get outdoors during any weather.

    No one wants to be cold and miserable when they’re our on the trails. The right clothing can help keep you warm, dry and happy. 

    The most important thing however, is to make sure that when you take a hike you’re sharing it with us so you can be entered to win some amazing prizes in our our Adventure Through the Holidays Challenge!!

    Win Gear!

    Now, if you’re an outdoor parent you know that it takes just a little bit of extra work to get on the trails with your kids during the winter and that’s why we’re excited that Deuter has given us a backpack carrier for one lucky winner who joins us for Adventure Through the Holidays.

    We’re also giving away some great hiking socks from Injini. Because it’s important to take care of those feet, especially when you’re hiking in the winter.

    A huge thank you to Deuter & Injini for sponsoring our challenge.

    Adventure Through the Holidays - Go on a Hike!

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