A Mile a Day…..

    I consider myself a pretty active person. I am constantly moving with my kids and really feel it when I don’t get outside and active on a daily basis.

    I love to walk and ski and bike and run and get my heart pumping. My appreciates and supports me doing that too because I’m just happier at the end of day.

    A Mile a Day.....

    But, I never realized how much I need that kick out the door too until I was held accountable by 830 other people, even just to log a mile a day.

    When we built the #365MileChallenge, I didn’t think a thing of it. Those miles would be “too easy” for me to accomplish.

    I didn’t account for the cold and snow and busy schedule and holidays and all those other really normal reasons why we don’t get out!

    Because let’s face it – getting out when it’s warm and nice out is much easier. Less clothing, less obstacles, less reasons running in our heads about why we can just “skip one day”.

    Sometimes you just need a little help getting out….

    A Mile a Day.....

    But, it’s hard to stay at home when you see others striving to have “no zero days”. It’s hard not to feel a tad guilty about sitting on Facebook when your feed is full of photos of people logging their miles.

    Normal people. People who are having to work hard to get out too. Over 800 people from around the world!

    I’m incredibly inspired by a huge range of geographic locations, pursuits (boating, skiing, walking, snowshoeing, doing laps around the playground, etc.), and ability levels.

    I’m blown away, humbled, inspired and excited about 2017!

    It’s not too late to join us! We have a ton of great sponsors who believe in our project lining up for member-exclusive giveaways, discount codes and perks.

    You have a YEAR to do 365 lung-propelled miles.

    Are you in?!

    Join the 365 Mile Challenge HERE.  

    A Mile a Day.....


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      1. sabina edwards says:

        I walk to work every day and walk at work (my fit bit zip says I average about 22km during the weekdays) I try to achieve that on the weekends too!! Its been miserably cold with the wind chill (-45C) so I caught a ride to work those two days and felt it…felt sluggish because I didn’t get some healthy outdoor air!!! Its supper warm now, only -22C so Im out and about again. I tell ya, when you walk in deep snow it may say only 5km, but it feels like 10!! (I should go see how many miles a kilometer is lol)

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