Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids

    I love, love, love my kids. I don’t love when my kids are hyped up on sugar.

    Not that we never have it around here (because that would be a lie), but Halloween and Valentines have become SO sugar-saturated that I have a tendency to want to avoid them completely.

    That said, we do reserve some treats for our outdoor time often to bribe them along the trail.

    Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids

    And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to stock up on some extra special snacks….and maybe an invitation outside with the ones you love!

    Here’s some we recommend that are completely trail-worthy!


    1. Anything heart-shaped. A cheap heart cookie cutter goes a LONG way. Cheese, summer sausage, bread, melon, cucumber, etc. all cut really easily. This post has some great ideas and I love this one too (the cabobs would be a fun end-of-the-hike/ski treat….if you’re willing to haul them!)Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids
    2. Sunkist Snacks. These fruit chips and trail mixes are PERFECT for babies AND kids (all except for the chili blend). While I prefer to have real fruit as much as possible, the dried stuff is WAY easier to pack…and keeps them chewing longer 😉  Check out more info on these great snacks here. Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids
    3. Pure Organic Fruit and Veggie Strips and Fruit Sandwiches. These are a new favorite in our home because they’re so good…and such simple nutrition. Their fruit and veggie strips (3rd photo down) have no added cane syrups, artificial flavors or colors. They are made with organic, non-GMO, vegan fruit and vegetable puree and the kids love them. SO much better than the junk in other “fruit” snacks (that tends to make my kiddos at least a wee bit crazy). More info here. Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids
    4. Valentine Homemade Trail Mix. This one is chock full of super foods for sustaining energy. Not JUST for the days you’re feeling lovey!Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids
    5. Apple Sandwiches (made with love!) I found this (super easy) recipe here at Happy Together.Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids
    6. Chocolate Kisses (if you’re really daring, of course!) They’re perfect get-them-down-the-trail food. Tip: Run ahead and hide them….and let them find them as they go! Photo credit: Blair Candy Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids

    What would you add? Link me up with your favorite (somewhat healthy) trail-worthy Valentine’s treats for kids!

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    Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids

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