Simplifying Trail Food with TrailFoody

    To be quite honest, I tire very quickly of packing food for the trail. I have a very hungry family (don’t we all?!?!) that gets hangry when the food runs out, so I really have no choice…if we all want to make it back home alive.

    When I was approached by Trailfoody to check out their new subscription system, I jumped at the opportunity to mix things up (and take a load off myself for an adventure or two…)

    Simplifying Trail Food with TrailFoody

    Trailfoody’s whole mission is to make getting out easier….by doing the food thinking for you. They select premium foods that are healthy, have the right nutrient mix for outdoor activities, AND taste really good.

    They also have a bit of a challenge with us reviewing their foods: KIDS. I have a strong philosophy that my kids will eat (or at least try) what is given to them or go hungry….but they do have their own opinions, for sure.

    This is what arrived in our first shipment (note the “pan-Asian theme”) along with our quick thoughts:

    Simplifying Trail Food with TrailFoody

    • Lawless Japanese Curry beef jerky—Hands down the favorite part of the package for the adults. The kids tried it, but would rather eat one of the bars or dried fruit. It had a great mix of flavors and wasn’t tough at all. 
    • Laiki black rice crackers – A new taste for all of us….but one we really liked! Clean and simple.
    • Eden Tamari Roasted Almonds— Seriously hard to just have one package to eat – just enough flavor to give an energy boost too.
    • Crispy Green Dried Asian PearThe kids favorite snack in the mix. They fought over it, actually. 
    • Ultima Replenisher Cherry Pomegranate drink mix— Sometimes I forget about replenishing electrolytes, but this one helps do that AND tastes good!
    • Phivebar BlueberryMy favorite bar. And the kids’ too. This time WE were fighting over it. Sigh….
    • BGood Espresso Date Nut bar—I have to admit, no one in this family likes coffee. How weird are we?!?! But, kudos from my friend who does!
    • Honey Stinger Pomegranate Passionfruit organic energy gels—We’re always a big fan of Honey Stinger. These gels are enough to share (especially with kids) and do really give quick energy when you need it.
    • Gomacro Thrive Almond Apricot bar— Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and an ancient seed blend of hemp hearts, quinoa, and sprouted flax. And it actually tastes really, really good.

    Verdict? A surprisingly good mix of different foods, new tastes, sustainable energy and good tasting. I won’t lie – one or two of the products were not loved by the kids. And that’s totally fine with me – all the more for Mtn Papa and I to share. I loved the opportunity to snack on foods I wouldn’t normally buy (I guess I need to step out of my comfort zone), but I also knew I could trust to enjoy. Besides the espresso bar (which has an unfair disadvantage here), there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. I call that a big win!

    In general, these are the foods sent each month:

    • Dried Fruits
    • Jerky
    • Energy Bars
    • Artisan Crackers/Chips
    • Summer Sausage
    • Gourmet Nut Mix
    • Energy Drink
    • Meal Bars
    • Trail Mix

    The Trailfoody Shipments:

    Right now these are the options:

    1. One-Time Trial (1-2 outings) – $24.95 + $4 shipping
    2. The Wanderer (1-2 outings) – $21.95/month + $4 shipping
    3. The Pathfinder (3 outings)- $43.95/month + $4 shipping
    4. The Intrepid (4 outings)- $53.95/month + $4 shipping

    So, the question is – is it worth the cost??

    I guess that depends on your needs and tastes. Personally, I LOVE someone choosing snacks for me and having the chance to try new things every month. I like to eat healthy foods like the ones in the packages and would be paying about the same anyway – they just do the work for me. For our family, the Wanderer really only covered 1-2 outings for sure…and we were supplementing with fresh foods (like cheese and fruit, etc.) But, it’s perfect for a couple or a single person (or a parent who doesn’t want to share!)

    I suggested TrailFoody do a “family option” and I know they are working on that possibility for the future.

    We will be continuing to test and work with TrailFoody over the next few months and I will be updating this post as we try the packages from other months…just to get a better feel for how it could work for us long term.


    Bottom Line:

    Right now, anything to make my life easier is welcome. The TrailFoody snacks are coveted as “trail-only” foods and are really great motivation to get out there too! We give them a big thumbs up!

    Try it out here!

    Simplifying Trail Food with TrailFoody

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