An Invitation for Adventure for Kids of All Ages + CAMP DISCOUNT CODE!

    My boys are SO excited about attending the Spider Monkey day camp at Keystone Science school this summer. I will be reporting back, of course, later this summer. Because, quite honestly, I am just as excited as they are. However, in the meantime, I wanted to just share some more about their camps. I have been increasingly impressed with their organization, camp offerings and dedication to families during our planning time over the last few months. And because of that, I feel comfortable sharing about the camp in general! This post is highlighting a couple of NEW camps AND we are offering a 10% discount on ANY of their camps. This is SO huge, everyone. Not something they do often at all – I sure hope some of you will take up the offer. Full details at the end of the post!

    An Invitation for Adventure for Kids of All Ages + CAMP DISCOUNT CODE!


    At Keystone Science School, we have always been passionate about including Science, Adventure, FUN! in all our programs.  This year, I’m super excited to announce a couple of brand new programs that we’ve been working on to dial up the Adventure to new levels!


    We wanted to take advantage of our beautiful state of Colorado and add more activities to cater to our older campers… the “adventure-junkie” crowd who love our residential Discovery Camp for the outdoor overnights and rafting trips!  In that spirit, we added a new program for 7-9th graders called Keystone Voyagers. “KV” is based on Discovery Camp, but we pack up and hit the road, with travels to remote CO locations like Rocky Mountain National Park and Steamboat Springs. We’ll be rafting, climbing 14ers, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding and paddle boarding.  Basically, they will be doing all things awesome and action-packed!  My favorite session is called “Deserts and Dinosaurs.”  We will be travelling from Keystone to Dinosaur National Monument in NW Colorado.  This is a remote, “dark-sky” park with rugged mountains, tons of desert wildlife and lots of opportunity to see fossils and geologic features.  The group will be base-camping under the stars all week and learning astronomy, with day trips including a tour of the Vernal, UT Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, horseback riding, hiking to remote fossil sites and cooling off with a whitewater rafting trip on the Green River.  It’s an action-packed week, with some science sprinkled in to make it special and memorable.


    If you are like me, unplugging from modern society and exploring the wilderness during my teenage years changed my life!  Backpacking and time in the mountains taught me independence, self-reliance, confidence and the value of teamwork, as well as a lifelong passion for adventure!  In that spirit, we have longer wilderness-based programs, called Keystone Mountain Adventures, for our older teens.  These “KMA” programs get them farther and deeper in the backcountry than they have experienced before and teach them hands-on wilderness skills like Leave No Trace, navigation and orienteering, and backcountry cooking, in addition to learning the science and ecology of the areas they visit.  This year, KMA is featuring our first ALL-GIRLS backpacking trip!!! I’m SO thrilled about this one, because often, backpacking and outdoor sports seem like a “boys club” with guys dominating the gear, media coverage and numbers on the trails.  This program will get 7th – 10th grade girls excited to be outdoors, get dirty and challenge themselves comfortably in a supportive all-female environment.  Heading out with our top female guides, they will have strong role-models who will be focused on developing their leadership and wilderness skills while they backpack, raft, climb a 14er and do a trail service project.


    Whether through Wilderness Keystone Mountain Adventures program or Adventure-focused Keystone Voyagers program, every kid deserves the chance to grow, experience new things and to challenge themselves. Every kid deserves a Keystone Camp experience!

    An Invitation for Adventure for Kids of All Ages + CAMP DISCOUNT CODE!

    *****Camp Discount!*****

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