Celebrating Bike Month with a WOOM Giveaway!

    We are so excited to partner with WOOM Bikes WOOM Bikes this week as we celebrate the last week of Bike Month. One lucky person will win a WOOM 1 BUNDLE (helmet, bike, bell AND name sticker!) We LOVE getting kids on bikes, and are sure this is going to make one lucky toddler VERY happy!

    But, before we get into that, we want to be sure you check out some of the posts we have on our site about helping get kids moving on bikes. Note: We KNOW that for some kids it comes easier than others, so if yours isn’t grasping it right away, don’t worry. Eventually they’ll ride a bike…even if they’re 16…or 30. Right now our job (and yours!) is to give them opportunities and exposure. 

    **Note – we’re going to ask you to comment on one of these posts for the giveaway below…..so do it now if you want!**

    Want to know more about the WOOM 1 (the bike we are giving away)? Check out the full report here. Basically this is a bike that you can have kids on starting at 18 months and then use until they’re around 3.5 (and then pass it down/on!) Yes, you’re going to spend a little more on it than other balance bikes, but you certainly get what you pay for.

    Here’s a few more posts we think are worth reading if you haven’t already:

    WOOM Reviews:



    Let’s get a kid on a bike!

    As usual, please use the widget below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  Sorry, this giveaway is open to the U.S. only.

    WOOM 1 Bundle Giveaway

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      1. Mary Burton says:

        I have been crushing on these little bikes since I learned about them. My little guy rocks his strider but the hand brake would be such an asset on hills for him! Thanks!

      2. Brad Burton says:

        Great bikes! Would love one!

      3. Hanni Deters says:

        We would love to win this balance bike. With four older brothers putting many many miles on our strider bike our fifth boy could certainly use a new bike. We love the WOOM 2 his older brother rides and are sure the WOOM 1 will be just as great in design and quality.

      4. Definitely hear amazing things about Woom bikes, would love to win one for Jiraiya!

      5. Tiffany Schmidt says:

        My older two started riding late and get embarrassed when in the neighborhood trying to ride. Explaining to them that they’ll eventually get it is hard. For number three (18 months) we want to be prepared and ready!

      6. Kathryn Jones says:

        I think my 2 year old would love trying this out!

      7. Allison Jobes says:

        I’m excited to try pedals soon … our son has been rocking his balance bike for a while now and it’s time our daughter cruise on it!

      8. Jessica says:

        I would love a Womb 4. I didn’t realize they had more than just balance bikes. We already have 1 balance. Ike and only 1 more baby who will use it. My older kids bikes are ready for upgrades though.

      9. Nicole Reames says:

        We have a 1 1/2 year old, 3 yar old, and another due next month. But only 1 balance bike Winning a balance bike would be so amazing for our family!

      10. meghan bruce says:

        I would love a balance bike for my fast growing toddler boy. He loves trying to keep up with his sister and this would help.

      11. Ash Kave says:

        We’d love a woom 3! Our little guy loves riding with us but is ready to ride on his own.

      12. oostrong says:

        I would love for our 4th kiddo to try the balance bike. We have a different balance bike which we love but I have short kiddos so they weren’t able to ride it at 18months although they were ready bc they were too short. This one has a lower stand over height so it should work earlier!

      13. Michelle W says:

        Great giveaway! Definitely the best way to learn to ride a bike.

      14. Love Woom bikes – the absolute best!!

      15. Amanda Brown says:

        Woom bikes seem like a great solution for my kids, who are all on the smaller side. With traditional bikes, they are so heavy and hard for my kids to use. I have been looking at woom bikes for a while, and this is a great way to start my kids out with one!

      16. Kristine says:

        These bikes look great! They look very well made, I love the design!

      17. Robin Camping says:

        Would love to try out a Woom! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

      18. Heather Eland says:

        We would love one for our little guy!

      19. Oh my goodness, I’ve heard great things about this bike and would love one for my daughter!

      20. Colleen Hall says:

        Several grandchildren from 4 different families have had these balance bikes but with no break or pedal. I am amazed at what a 2-4 yo can do on them. They take todler/childrens biking to a whole new level. I see great value in these Woom bikes, safety and more control. Who wouldnt Love one of these cool bikes!

      21. We have been admiring all the kids at the park jamming with ease. Our daughter is jut to the right size now and loves the freedom of movement. We would love the watch her zoom on a woom!

      22. Kate Andrade says:

        These bikes are so amazing. My two year old is wanting one so badly.

      23. Leah dercks says:

        We’ve been eyeing up the woom1 and 2 for our kiddos! Quality and science seems unbeatable! Also, Love reading all the positive reviews!

      24. Love how they are lightweight enough for any kid to be able to ride! Have a second LO just over 1 and he’ll need a bike to ride soon!! Would love to win

      25. Kelsey general says:

        I would love one for my youngest. He keeps trying to get on his brothers that is too big !

      26. Jennifer hwang says:

        Awesome I want one!!!

      27. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

        This is absolutely the best way to start. I can’t wait to introduce it to my son.

      28. Crystal hermann says:

        I would love one of these for my almost 3 year old

      29. Brittany Eldridge says:

        I’ve been contemplating one for a while for my son, he would really enjoy one forsure.

      30. David Frye says:

        Looking at a woom for My little one. Help a teacher out

      31. Ashleigh says:

        I’d love one of these for my son, he’s almost one so soon he’ll be old enough. He’d be able to use it inside in the winter, then outside with us all in the spring and summer. He’d love it, he’s quite the little explorer. He’s already summited some 4ks!

      32. I love how long the child can use the bike! The durability you spoke of is also very promising.

      33. Sherry Blamer says:

        I love that they have balance bikes and bikes for adults and older children. My daughter would love one. We bought her a bike a few months ago and the pedals wouldn’t move so she has been wanting another one.

      34. Thanks for hosting this contest, how fun!

      35. There is a local strider bike group that totally recommends these, my daughter would love one!

      36. My kiddo would be ecstatic to ride a woom! The kid’s bike myths were super helpful by the way.

      37. laura bernard says:

        My 3 year old would love to have a cool bike!

      38. mckrill says:

        Nixie would love one of these bikes!

      39. Robin Nelson says:

        This is a great giveaway! We’d love a bike like this for our little guy!

      40. Kimberly says:

        We have a Boot Scoot balance bike for our son and would love to try the Woom for our daughter.

      41. Bikes are coming hard to my son, so I’d love to try something new.

      42. Cool!

      43. Rebekah Aliaghai says:

        I’ve been eyeing up the Woom 1 for my daughter and Woom 2 for my son for a long time now. I love the design and how much thought has been put into this bike made just for kids.

      44. Sabrina Zehner says:

        my grandson would love this.

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