Gearing up as a #ForceofNature

    This post is sponsored by REI and their #ForceofNature campaign. However, as always, these words are mine and exactly what I would tell my family and friends.

    In case you missed my previous post, the REI #ForceofNature campaign is in full swing and doing incredible things for women and the outdoors to level the playing field and give women some self-empowerment.

    A couple weeks ago, I touched on just what it means to me to be a #ForceofNature. And I have loved reading countless stories about what that simple phrase means for others. It is far-reaching and heart-felt.

    Gearing up as a #ForceofNature

    Not only has REI set up over 1000 events across the country, along with the weekend retreats (REI Outessa) AND trips, but they’ve also been improving their line of women’s gear drastically. While you can find the whole list here, I wanted to just highlight some of my very favorites.


    Force of Nature Bandana

    I love this because for every bandana sold, 72% of the profits go towards creating outdoor programs for girls and women. Why the 72%? Because in a recent survey, 72% of women felt liberated in the outdoors. Plus, every gal needs a good bandana for camping (and um….every day).

    Arc’teryx Beta SL Hybrid Jacket

    I know this one is big bucks, but a really good lightweight shell is seriously worth gold when you need it. This one is on my wishlist for this fall…when I’m not pregnant. Perfect for throwing in your pack, protecting you from downpours and not taking up a room with a lot of bulk. And it works for all four seasons in the mountains. Plus, it comes in 5 different colors (wahoo for that!)

    Gearing up as a #ForceofNature


    Terry Soleil Biking Top

    I LOVE this one for the following reasons:

    • It’s super cute (3 different patterns)
    • Lightweight for sun protection (huge for me)
    • Just enough coverage for a little bit of warmth if needed (but cooling too!)

    Gearing up as a #ForceofNature

    Darn Tough Lite Hiker Socks

    We have had really good luck with Darn Tough socks. They truly are tough and are made to last for a really long time hole-free. Personally I grab my lite hikers more than any other socks because they are great for almost any weather.

    Gearing up as a #ForceofNature

    Nemo Rave 15 Sleeping Bag for Women

    Living in the mountains with cool nights year-round, I really rarely use or even have a sleeping bag rated for anything higher than 15 degrees (F). I reason that I can always sleep on top….it’s easier to be too warm than too cold while camping. Plus the Nemo “Thermo Gills” allow you to unzip a little without letting in big drafts. A winning feature for me! The special spoon-like shape of the Nemo bag is perfect for women who usually feel confined in sleeping bags (like me!)

    Gearing up as a #ForceofNature

    How’s that for a great wishlist for any outdoor woman??! Be sure to click over and check out the full collection of #ForceofNature gear. This truly is just a sampling.

    I want to know – what will YOU be adding to your wishlist??

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      1. Natalie says:

        When we went on GOBA a year ago, several other woman were wearing the Terry cycling top and it was in the 80’s and still worked for them! I have wanted one ever since!!!!!!

        FYI: GOBA is Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure – 250 miles of cycling in 7 days, a supported tour and and amazing experience and fun times for our family – although not a ton of families on it, there was a decent number!

        • Natalie says:

          oh and I should have added: we love our Darn Tough socks! It’s our go to brand for wool socks for winter sports/all the time or even summer hiking and cycling!

      2. Emily Anne Fulfs says:

        that sleeping bag is GENIUS! I am almost ALWAYS too hot (i have the same problem at home, my husband sleeps with extra blankets on his side of the bed since i keep the room so cool at night) which usually leads to really crappy sleep. this is just such a clever solution!

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