Outdoor Mom Academy now OPEN!!!

    I’m going to be completely frank with you – I have a tendency to be stressed, overwhelmed, and short with my kids at home. I am constantly trying to multitask, have demands coming at me from literally all directions, and have a million tasks on my to-do list. I am continually working to focus on what is most important (my family), and prioritize what is not.

    My situation is not unique – I know most of you can relate.

    The funny thing is that when I allow myself to step away, unplug, get active and get outside, everything changes. I literally do it every day and am humbly surprised by the transformation daily too. One of these times I’ll get it right! Because I KNOW when I am out adventuring (little or big), I’m a good mom. I’m making memories with my kids and having conversations and moments that I don’t get in the daily grind of life. It’s good for my kids, and it’s good for me to realize that “YES! I CAN do this.”

    Outdoor Mom Academy now OPEN!!!

    At the same time, I know it’s really tough to get our precious kids and babies out into the wilderness – it’s the unknown that scares us. Just ask my husband – I totally get it (and have been frightened and panicked by it too!)

    But, I also have seen the great fruits of getting outside….and the way the wilderness (and it’s challenges) have shaped my kids for the better. I am constantly learning and growing and so is the rest of my family.

    It’s why I teamed up with Rebecca (hikelikeawoman.net) & Susan (mountainmomandtots.com) to develop the Outdoor Mom Academy and we’re super excited to announce that registration for our very first 6-week online course opens today!

    It might seem silly to even offer classes just for Outdoor Moms on adventuring with children, but we know that there’s a need out there because every single day we get asked questions about how we get outside with our kids. We know what it feels like to feel uncertain, but also trapped with the limitations we set upon ourselves as far as life with kids. This is for the sanity of us all, AND for our kids.

    Outdoor Mom Academy now OPEN!!!

    We’ve also noticed a lot of advice floating around the internet that isn’t always the best advice when it comes to outdoor family activities. We’re here to dispel the myths, put rumors to rest and share our trail-tested tips with our students!


    Here’s how it works:

    Students in our Academy will receive new training each Monday morning for 6 weeks starting May 15, 2017. This training includes videos, audio files, workbooks and PDF downloads focused on the topic of the week.We’ll also include access to our exclusive private Facebook page where we can discuss the weekly topic with our community. Since you know we like giving away FREE gear our students will be entered into weekly drawings where they will win outdoor clothing and gear too. We LOVE the community aspect because we are all in this together!

    This 6-week course will cover things like raising outdoor leaders, the family first-aid kit, reducing risk in the outdoors but still being able to adventure, family camping made simple, how to pack your gear + your kids gear for a dayhike, and equipping your family for outdoor adventure on a budget.

    Enrollment and registration begins today. We’re confident that you’ll see this as a valuable experience and if you don’t we’ll give you a 100% refund if you let us know before June 1st.

    The cost to join is $40.00 if you register from May 1st-7th or $60.00 if you register from May 8th-14th.

    We’ll also throw in a free copy of Rebecca’s ebooks, How To Hike When You’re Pregnant & How To Hike With Kids and an Outdoor Mom Academy patch just for joining.

    We promise exclusive content that you haven’t seen on our blogs delivered to fit every learning style. We’ll have weekly videos that you can watch on your iPad as you sit down to fold laundry. Audio files that you can listen to as you drive your afternoon carpool. A workbook that you can read on your phone as you’re sitting at the doctor’s office. Because we KNOW you’re busy (and we are too!)

    We’ll also throw in a money back guarantee, but we know you’re gonna love this class!

    We hope you’ll join us, you can find all of the details right here: https://hikelikeawoman.net/outdoor-mom-academy/

    And invite your friends too!


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