Let's Support Happier and Healthier Families!

Let’s Support Happier and Healthier Families!

Setting our families up for life-long success starts HERE, at home. Despite all the camps and adventures and experiences we can expose our kids to away from us as they get older, their base is built from what they see US doing, daunting as that may be!

It’s obviously crucial we are intentional about our lives and what we want for our kids. It’s not always easy, and is a reason for this blog in the first place. We’re working together to raise healthy kids.

Let's Support Happier and Healthier Families!

Personally, we have seen immense growth in our kids through the magic of the bicycle over the years. Here’s a few of our “whys”:

  1. It improves their balance
  2. It challenges them and gives them a sense of accomplishment
  3. It gives them freedom and mobility at a young age
  4. It encourages outdoor time
  5. It encourages exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  6. It’s an activity that the whole family can do (with the right gear, of course)
  7. It’s a life-long skill that can translate into a “greener lifestyle” when use as transportation
  8. It’s fun!
  9. It helps get kids out and seeing places they may not explore via car or by foot
  10. It’s a “gateway exercise” into other sports and active pursuits!

Let's Support Happier and Healthier Families!

Because of that, I wanted to draw your attention again to the books that encourage an active and outdoor life from Buddy Pegs. Their Kickstarter for their newest book, Buddy Pegs – Taking the Lead, ends on FRIDAY, and is so close to being funded.

Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

Some quick important facts:

  • Your Kickstarter donation is a pre-sale of their newest book, NOT just a donation (but you could totally do that too if you believe in their mission!)
  • This campaign is ALL OR NOTHING. If it doesn’t get funded, the book doesn’t get published. I know for a fact that Scott and Jannine are on pins and needles hoping for the best (as am I!)
  • Your card does NOT get charged until the goal is met….so there is no loss for you (just an opportunity for a really great book!)

Let's Support Happier and Healthier Families!

I love these words directly from Scott and Jannine about why they are putting their heart and soul into what they’re doing:

While operating our bicycle store for 14 years (Fitzgerald’s Bicycles) we saw first hand the power of bicycles on communities, on people, on our environment.

To make our positive mark on the world, we have dedicated our lives to getting more people on bikes. And it starts with kids…

We’re creating a series of books (and podcasts) so YOU can help the children you love build 21st century tools of success and happiness. 

And we’re doing it because of three beliefs:

Belief #1: Bikes are freedom machines that build experiences and values that become the foundation of lifelong success and happiness. 

Belief #2: The # of kids riding bikes is declining.

Belief #3: Media drives beliefs and behaviors.

Children today are bombarded with media and gadgets that don’t set them up for success in today’s hyper-competitive world.

That’s why we are dedicated to inspiring kids to get out and ride!


I also wanted to point out that WOOM Bikes is a supporter of this campaign. I’ve worked with them for years now and trust their opinions immensely (even though I was already on board with this one!)


I invite you to purchase a book for your kids and a few more for gifts – let’s help spread the word and get families OUT and ACTIVE!


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  1. This is such a nice gesture Amelia! Thank you for believing in us and thank you for inspiring so many other parents to #RaiseRiders! The future looks bright because of your efforts 🙂

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