The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    Happy Monday! I am so excited for a second session of the Outdoor Mom Academy and want YOU to join us! Our first session was wildly successful, mostly because of the great community that joined us. We (Rebecca, Susan, and I) shared what we know, of course, but we couldn’t have done it without the input of the class discussion. To be sure we can offer what our class participants deserve, we are capping this at 125 students. That is LESS than we had sign up for our first session, so you don’t want to delay at signing up!

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    The Details:

    • Class begins Monday, September 11th and will run for 6 weeks
    • Participants will have access to exclusive videos, PDF worksheets, e-books and a private Facebook group for discussion.
    • Topics we are covering are as follows:
      • Raising Outdoor Leaders
      • How to Pack What You Need
      • Adventuring on a Budget
      • Camping Made Easy
      • Family First Aid
      • Identifying and Mitigating Risk in the Outdoors
    • We WILL be capping this class, so signing up early is super important!
    • Use code “OMA-SUBSCRIBERS” for $5 off!
    • REI is sponsoring this session of OMA! We will have weekly giveaways for participants!

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    Don’t Just Take it from Us!

    Here are some final thoughts from our Session 1 participants earlier this summer + some photos of them getting out throughout the class and afterwards (win, win!):

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    “OMA did an amazing thing for me this summer. I was feeling lost in my motherhood and searching for my tribe… and subsequently falling into a type depression that I’d never experienced before. Now, I know there are adventurous moms like me and I have the tools to get outside with my daughter safely and frequently. Its now OUR happy place.”  – Jerileigh 

    “As we wrap up this week, I just wanted to say thank you for all the lessons. I’m now comfortable and excited to go outside. In fact, I just booked a weekend of camping at a local state park in August, which will be about the most camping I’ve ever done as an adult. And I’m actually looking forward to it! :)” –Emily G.

    “The content was educational and relevant. I especially love that the instructors are moms with kids right now. Not “when my kids USED to be little” or “back when we went as a family”- you guys are going through what we are going through now and are relatable!”

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    “Thank you for doing this. I’ve been outdoorsy my whole life, have a lot of basic knowledge about what it takes to get outside safely, and have led groups on hikes and camping trips, but I still had a lot of fear about getting my own kids outside on my own. This course helped me overcome that.”The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    “I am super impressed by the community of moms that participated and the great discussions that happened! I learned SO much and was inspired daily! With that being said, you get out of this class what you put in. I consciously made time to read comments, go over the emails and do the homework even if not in the same week. Worth the $ if you participate!!”

    “Awesome job covering touchy subjects like outdoor fears, mom fails and budgets! I can’t imagine anybody felt singled out or judged discussing these topics with such a supportive group!”

    “Course quality overall was amazing! I am going to print out the entire course and start a family outdoor adventures notebook.”

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    Sign Me Up!

    Are you in!?? YEA! Go here to sign up! 

    Have questions? Totally happy to answer. Comment on this post (because I am sure others will have the same questions!) and I will answer ASAP!!

    The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

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