Welcoming a Little More Adventure

    On August 30th we welcomed Baby Girl #3 for a grand total of 5 kiddos. We were thankful all went smooth and well and we’ve been settling into a family of 7 (!!!).

    Welcoming a Little More Adventure

    Welcoming a Little More Adventure

    Thoughts lately:

    • Wow, getting 3 kids aged 3 and under dressed and out the door is tough….
    • I am so overwhelmed (though honestly no more than I was with 2 kids…just that newborn fog for dayyyyyzzzz)
    • It’s a party. Constantly. And loud.
    • I’m so glad my kids like to be outside. And be loud.
    • I have like 10 zillion blog posts I was going to write. And I can’t even get one done.
    • Babies poop A LOT. How did I forget this??
    • This baby poops a lot all over everything. What happened to my ninja baby-changing skills?
    • I need a hike. And to heal. And to sleep. Lots and lots of sleep!
    • Family is first. This is the life I love. This chaos too shall pass.

    Welcoming a Little More Adventure Welcoming a Little More Adventure

    Oh and in case you missed it and are having trouble being motivated too….. the Outdoor Mom Academy closes TONIGHT! Last chance for all of you that begged for us to keep it open just a couple more days! 😉

    Because YOU got this, Mama. And we can be in the trenches together….

    Welcoming a Little More Adventure

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      1. Totally dude, you got this. Feeding them outside makes less crumbs to clean. 🙂

      2. Hi i love your carrier, whats it called? I use the sleepy nico here in england for baby 1 but only suitable for 6 months+ so looking for alternative for baby 2 in december 🙂

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