12 Days of Gear Giveaways: Day 12 *Win from Ella’s Wool, Wee Woollies & Oaki*

    12 Days of Gear Giveaways: Day 1 *Win from REI & Maplelea*

    Welcome to Day 12 of our annual 12 Days of Gear Giveaways! If you’re just finding us, be sure to click here to find all the giveaways.

    Have you seen this?!?! –> Be sure you check out our huge gift guide for gift ideas AND a little sneak peek into what is coming over the course of these 12 days!

    Today you have a chance to win from Ella’s Wool, Wee Woollies & Oaki!

    12 Days of Gear Giveaways: Day 12 *Win from Ella's Wool, Wee Woollies & Oaki*

    1. Ella’s Wool: When base layers aren’t enough, we love the TUBES from Ella’s wool. They can be worn on their own or over a lighter base layer. They also roll really easily so kids can grow into them. You can read more about them in this post here. 
      • (3) Winners will receive their choice of TUBES (Open to US and Canada)
    2. Wee Woollies: We have worn and loved Wee Woollies for years now. In fact, some of them have now gone through three kids and are going strong. We literally wear them year-round here for base layers and pajamas. I will be so sad when our oldest grows out of their sizes (which is happening fast!)
      • One person will win a base layer set (top and bottom) and beanie (Open to US and Canada)
    3. Oaki: Oaki (formally Oakiwear) is a great place to look for budget-friendly outerwear for kids. Their trail suits are awesome and their boots have been great for us too. This season they have three winter/snow boots. We are in the process of testing them out, but so far, so good! And you really can’t beat the price.
      • We will have (3) winners who will score some winner boots (Sorry, open to US only)
        • Rain/Snow Neoprene boots
        • Winter Toggle Boot
        • Winter Boot Velcro


    Please enter to win using the widgets below.

    As usual, the winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the widget once it’s closed. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!

    Ella’s Wool TUBES

    Wee Woollies

    Oaki Boots

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      1. Allison Jones says:

        Love those toggle ones!

      2. Rochelle Luaders says:

        I think any! But top choice is the toggle ones.

      3. I would love the toggle ones!

      4. I’d love any of the boots but would love the toggle ones for this winter

      5. I think we’d prefer the Neoprene.

      6. Nicole Reames says:

        Thank you for the amazing opportunities over the last 12 days! I would love the Oaki Neoprene boots!

      7. Love the neoprene, especially since my little boy can’t keep out of any puddles in the early spring.

      8. I would choose the neoprene boots.

      9. Velcro is great for even the littlest kiddos to practice getting boots on themselves!

      10. Elizabeth Gardner says:

        Probably the toggle ones, but they all look great!

      11. I would like the Velcro. Thank you.

      12. Angela Wisniewski says:

        I loke the toggle boots.

      13. neoprene would be awesome!

      14. My kids love the neoprene Oakiwear boots!

      15. I would choose the neoprene ones!

      16. melissa Cunningham says:

        I would love to win the Toggle Boots!

      17. Neoprene!

      18. Jessi Housel says:

        I would love to win the toggle boots because they are super cute and functional at the same time!

      19. I’d love those toggle boots!

      20. Corina DeBroeck says:

        Those neoprene ones look great for my kids to pull on and off!

      21. Oh the beauty of wool! If there are no wool boots, we will take neoprene.

      22. Christina C. says:

        I’d love the toggle!

      23. I like the velcro boots.

      24. Neoprene

      25. Heidi Helminen says:

        The velcro ones would be fabulous

      26. Kathy Lane says:

        I love the neoprene boots!

      27. Stephanie Phelps says:

        I would love to get the Neoprene if I won!

      28. We’d love the neoprene. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

      29. Toggle

      30. Elaine Weng says:

        Awesome prizes! Thanks for the 12 days giveaway! Love all the gift ideas. It will be awesome to win anything!!!! I love the wee woolies for my LO as our winter is extra long here in the Northwest Territories!!! The wool tubes look good, too!!

      31. I’m not sure but the most waterproof one whichever that is… thinking neoprene

      32. Erica WEAVER says:

        i love the velcro

      33. Vickie L Couturier says:

        id like to win the toggle ones

      34. debra dubois says:

        Velcro please

      35. I love those toggle boots….can tighten on kids feet/ankles so they stay on! I would love those woolies also….finding base layers for kids is so tough and if they are warm they can have fun, but when they get cold they just have no fun outside!!!! I”m’ all about the wool and keeping them warm!!!!

      36. Nicole S. says:

        I would love to win the toggle boots for my daughter.

      37. Neoprene look great!

      38. I’d like the neoprene, especially for those shoulder season days where its too wet for traditional snow boots and too cold for rainboots yet there is mud and slush everywhere!

      39. Amber Ludwig says:

        We’d LOVE the Rain/Snow Neoprene boots!!!

      40. Wendy Jabkowski says:

        Neoprene but I like them all!

      41. Definitely the velcro

      42. Diane Richards says:

        The neoprene or velcro boots would be perfect for my puddle loving niece.

      43. I think the Velcro boots would be nice. Or the toggle ones.

      44. I like the Neoprene boots.

      45. Neoprene boots here for puddle stomping!

      46. The toggle boots

      47. the Neoprene is my choice

      48. Miranda Welle says:

        Tough choice but I’m totally digging the Neoprene!

      49. Kim Cowgar says:

        Velcro would be pretty easy

      50. Sarah Parker says:

        Neoprene boots for the rain!

      51. Definitely the Velcro ones for our little guy!

      52. Carrie Lancon says:


      53. Rebecca Daav says:

        Neoprene boots are nice for here in lower Michigan!

      54. Julie Ferguson-Gould says:

        Neoprene are great!! Thanks for the chance to be a winner 🙂

      55. Would love to win the neoprene boots!

      56. Nathalie Demers says:

        The toggle boots.

      57. Samantha James says:


      58. jennifer galindo says:

        The boots with the handle to help pull them up. They are nicely made and look very warm.

      59. The toggle boots for Silas!

      60. Toggle but any would be wonderful!

      61. amber v hinely says:

        toggle are cute

      62. SARAH SINDELL says:

        neoprene for the shoulder seasons!

      63. Love the neoprene boots.

      64. Bridgette Cooper says:

        I love the Neoprene boots so my boys can stomp in the mud!

      65. Cassia Luttrull says:

        The neoprene ones! Go for the warmth! With 5 kids and playing in the snow we try to make sure they have the warmest stuff on. With getting new sleds for Christmas, new boots would be amazing!

      66. Danielle Magee says:

        I would love the toggle boots.

      67. Sara Garcia says:

        I would love those toggle boots! Good luck everyone!

      68. Love the Neoprene!

      69. Sarah Hayes says:

        Id love to have the toggle boots

      70. Toggle!

      71. Any of them! We love boots!!!

      72. Danelle Simons says:

        The Neoprene would be my choice. Thank you for the chance !

      73. Josephine Berlin says:


      74. Toggle for a snug fit on a slim active boy.

      75. Angela Kern says:


      76. Love the fall design boots

      77. Kim Jacobson says:

        The Toggle boots please Thank you!

      78. Stephanie M says:

        I’d like the toggle but id take any!!!

      79. Tia Ludwick says:

        love the toggle boots

      80. The neoprene would be perfect!

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