Join the 365 Mile Challenge for 2018!

    What happens when over 1,000 people unite to complete one self-propelled mile a day?

    They create an outdoor movement.

    We kicked off our inaugural 365 Mile Challenge on January 1, 2017 and hoped we’d get a few hundred people to sign up.

    But we were blown away. Over 1,000 joined the challenge!

    Join the 365 Mile Challenge for 2018!

    Over the past year, we have seen first-hand the power in creating small daily wins for our community.

    We’ve seen lives changed.

    People are getting outdoors that have been inactive their entire lives.

    Our Facebook feed is filled with inspiration, admiration, joys and support.


    Our members tell us:

    “I liked how open [the challenge] was to each person’s interpretation, while still providing a firm, achievable commitment to one’s own health and happiness!”

    “[I joined] to network with a group of like minded persons, who may help me stay encouraged, and motivated to reach my exercise, weight loss, and overall healthy living / eating goals.“


    In 2017, 365 Milers completed 42,000 steps which is equivalent to circumnavigating the world 14 times!

    The Kid Project, Go Adventure Mom, Hike Like a Woman, Currently Wandering and Tales of a Mountain Mama are kicking off 2018 with the second year of the 365 Mile Challenge.

    And we want YOU!

    Join the 365 Mile Challenge for 2018!

    All you have to do is a self -propelled mile every day for the entirety of 2018. This includes any activity that gets your legs moving and your heart pumping. For example, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing count. But snowmobiling doesn’t. Running, hiking, and mountain biking count, but 4-wheeling doesn’t.

    In our first 24 hours of opening the challenge for 2018, we signed up over 500 people. 2018 is going to be EPIC!

    Small Steps Can Create Big Change. Join us!

    Find all the details here. But hurry, you can save $5 by signing up before December 20th!

    And you’ll get one of these great stickers too!!!

    Join the 365 Mile Challenge for 2018!

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