Burley Tail Wagon Review

Burley Tail wagon

Burley Tail Wagon Review To be perfectly honest, I was certain that this review was going to be one that we were simply not going to be able to complete. Our “covid dog”, rescued last spring in April, flat out refused my every attempt to keep her in anything moving, including the Burley Tail Wagon … Read more

Burley Piccolo Review

Burley Piccolo

No whining, no tears, and mom gets a workout?  Yes, please! My four-year-old son and I just got back from a 15-mile bike ride with the Burley Piccolo, the newest trailercycle from this tried-and-true bike trailer company.  He was so proud of how far we biked, and I was so happy to spend a morning … Read more

Burley Dash Review

Burley Dash

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Burley Dash product line of children’s bike seats. There are three styles of seats the FM, X FM, and RM. Each one provides unique benefits for going on bike rides with your little one. >>>This post has been updated, but now lives at our biking … Read more

Burley D’Lite Review

Burley D'Lite Review

Burley D’Lite Review We reviewed the Burley D’Lite back in 2015, but some major updates have meant that a new review is due! I was thrilled to get my hands on one (thanks, Burley!) to share with you about what we love about this updated trailer. >>>Find our other Burley reviews here!<<< As an Amazon … Read more

Burley Bee Review: Budget Bike Trailer

Burley Bee Review

Before writing this review, I looked online to do a little research on what bike trailers are currently available for kids. The first two trailers from brands other than Burley that came up in my search cost well over $500. I don’t know about you, but thinking about spending over $1000 on a single piece … Read more

Burley Encore X Review

Burley Encore X

When I first took the Burley Encore X out for a spin around the block, I was immediately kicking myself for not having bought one sooner. The Encore X is Burley’s mid-range double stroller/trailer, a mix of ease, durability and versatility for active families. Biking with a trailer was nowhere near as cumbersome as I … Read more