Food to Take Camping Without Fridge

Family sitting by a fire pit making campfire pies

The refrigerator is one of those modern conveniences that has become such a huge part of daily life it can be hard to imagine going without it. If you’re planning a camping trip you may be wondering what foods you can even take along if you won’t have access to a fridge. Camping for a … Read more

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families It can be daunting to transition from car camping to backpacking because you have to carry everything. All of a sudden you aren’t just thinking about food that can be cooked outside easily but food that is light and nutritious that your kids will eat. I once spent a 3-day … Read more

How to Store Food in Bear Country

Food Storage Safety in Bear Country

How to Store Food in Bear Country Food storage is super important for your own safety, for the people who visit the area after you, and also for the safety of bears. When I was 17, I was backpacking in Shenandoah National Park with a group of friends.  I woke up in the night to … Read more

Winter Camping Food

Winter Camping Food: Family Meals for Cold Weather Camping Prepping meals for winter camping with kids can take a little more effort than those in the summer, since hot and nourishing food is even more important when you are outdoors in cold weather than in hot. In the summer, we focus on hydrating, cool foods … Read more

No Cook Camping Food

Easy No Cook Camping Food Raise your hand if your favorite meal is one you didn’t have to cook! I have both hands in the air because cooking is not a strength of mine. I love the idea of cooking and I search for beginner friendly recipes, but actually cooking food makes me nervous even … Read more

Aussie Bars: Food for the Trail

Aussie Bars

Our family is always searching for great snacks we can take with us on the trail that are healthy, provide great energy AND don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s not easy keeping kids fed and energized, especially when we are spending long days on the trail. I decided to make these bars after … Read more