Action Baby Carrier review and *PROMO CODE!*

**Disclaimer: while our Action Baby Carrier was generously supplied by the company for the review, the thoughts and opinions of this review are entirely my own.**

Let’s be honest, when Baby #2 joined our family, I was not completely (ok, at all!) prepared for what another little one in our home would mean.  Everyone says that the second one (and sometimes the third) are a real shocker, but I had no idea what was coming. I figured I had it all together and could handle anything and those were just “problems” other people had. HA! That 5 pounds of sweetness rocked my world.  Sleep wasn’t happening, Baby #1 wasn’t slowing down so I could rest and everything that was “mine” and “my time” had to be put on the (very) back burner.  When Husband was called away on a wildfire when P was 2 weeks old, I got a bit desperate.  I needed both hands to continue my active life with kids! I had carried J in an Ergo while I did work and when he got super needy, but Ergos don’t work for infants and I needing something NOW.
Long story short, that threw me headfirst into a search for the perfect carrier that could accommodate my necessity to have my hands free and my baby safe and comfortable while I chased his big brother.  The Action Baby Carrier interested me immediately because of the ease of use and slim design.  Our family bikes most places in town and I wanted to be able to throw it in the trailer and still have room for all the other “stuff” two kids, a dog, and a Mama require for a couple of hours (which is a shocking amount!)  Plus summers are hot here and I personally HATE being hot and wanted something that wasn’t going to make both Baby and I uncomfortable.
J showing size of carrier when wrapped up

I have worn the Action Baby Carrier nearly all day for the past 2 weeks. I love my baby to pieces, but I demand something that will be comfortable if I am going to have him attached to me for that long of a time period!  I am a big fan of Soft Structured Carriers due to the ease of use and the ability to modify it easily for different baby-wearers.  I love that the carrier has the option to cross the straps in the back when doing a front carry – it distributes the weight very well and adds to the comfort.  P weighs somewhere around 11 pounds and I carry him easily all day.  J is closer to 30+ and I can also wear him comfortably on my front for long stretches at a time (though he and I both prefer back carries just so he can watch and I can see what I am doing better!)  The carrier is simple with no padding except for the straps, which makes it cooler in the heat.  P is in a weird in-between stage where he wants to “stand” in the carrier instead of having his legs “froggied” – I am looking forward to when he is big enough to put both legs out (which will be only weeks away.)  However, I have to mention that he IS comfy and happy in the carrier as it is right now!

My favorite feature of this carrier is the internal support straps that make it unique.  Action Baby Carriers took some great pictures and posted them on their site that show you what I mean.  Both of my boys sit comfortably on the straps and don’t suffer from leg “pressure marks” resulting from their weight resting on the edges of the fabric of the carrier.  I keep the carrier tight around P’s body so he feels like he is being hugged while I am carrying him (but I still get my hands free!)

Husband I have put the carrier to the test and it has lived up to our expectations.  We wore both boys in it during a day trip to Yellowstone (love that we live that close) and I have easily continued about my daily chores and responsibilities with P in it throughout the days.  I have also worn him while going down slides and playing at the park with J.  J loved riding in it while we ran around the house putting the carrier to the test (P is obviously too young for that!)

Sleeping Hood up half way (he is resting comfortably on the side that is up)

The Natural Bridge in Yellowstone 🙂

The fabric of the Action Baby Carrier is soft and sturdy.  I have the “Camper” print and LOVE it. J jokes that when he is in it he has an “owl bum.” 

Due to the fact that we live at 7000 feet in Wyoming, the sun can be rather intense. I need a carrier that will protect especially P from the sun (and then I don’t have to worry about a hat.)  I love the streamlined design of the sun hood and it seemed to cover my boys fairly adequately.  Before trying the Action Baby Carrier I had only used hoods that would wrap around my child’s head a bit more and didn’t think I would like this design.  However, it adds a lot more support than other hood designs when up (due to the fact that it is an extension of the carrier) and does the job just fine.  I think I still do prefer the additional complete coverage of a hood that shapes around the baby’s head, but like I said, there is nothing wrong with this either – it is completely personal preference.

The only complaint I have is the chest straps that secure the carrier when in the back position are not attached so that they remain adjustable.  However, this also means they can slide off the straps and I nearly lost one of them.  I wish there was a way to secure them AND keep them adjustable.

A little more about babywearing and the Action Baby Carrier Company:
The first SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) was introduced by Karen Frost in 2003 as a modern spin of the  classic mai tai with buckles to make it easier and faster to take on and off.  Action Baby Carriers were started in 2006, so they have been around quite a while and remain a leader in proper design, style and comfort.  They are a family-run business dedicated to their Mama and Baby customers and the entire baby-wearing industry.  I love that they make their carriers here in the United States and refuse to join their competitors in manufacturing overseas.
In summary:

       – Slim design (no extra padding to add additional weight and heat for Mama and Baby)
       – Internal straps to secure Baby and Toddler and avoid discomfort resulting in pressure marks on their legs
       – Comfort (love that the straps can cross)
       – Can be used from newborn through toddler age (40 pounds)
       – Family-run business made in USA
       – Affordable pricing
       – Waist strap can extend 28 – 53” which accommodates for smaller parents, larger parents AND pregnant Mamas with no extra extender needed.
       – Chest strap can fall off and be lost
         I also have to say that I fully believe that not every baby carrier fits every body the same!  Just as not everyone would comfortably wear the same backpacking backpack or pair of jeans, baby wearing is different for every person.  The most important thing is that you and your baby are comfortable.  However, it is an investment worth making (and makes life oh so much easier!!!)
       Ang and Scott over at Action Baby Carrier have been super generous in offering all of you the ability to get yourself carrier at a deal!  Use promo code mtn10off to get $10 off your purchase!  Click here to go directly to the store!
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  1. Josie – I will answer this without using names 🙂 – but 2 year old for sure would fit (J works in there!) and 4 year old if she is under 40 pounds would be fine. Totally up to you, though – I just like it when we are somewhere and will be there late – J will just fall asleep in there!

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