Are you a WILD MAMA? {Book Review + Giveaway}

Are you a WILD MAMA? {Book Review + Giveaway}

Confession – I am REALLY bad at reading books all the way to the end. In fact, I am working on it constantly and paying special attention to it this year. I always just don’t make the time. Or I fall asleep. Or I just can’t get into it. So, when I DO actually finish a book, you know it’s a good one!

So, it may have taken me a good month to finish Wild Mama by Carrie Visintainer, but I’m so glad I did. And be assured, it wasn’t because it was boring in any way – pregnancy just makes me want to sleep. A lot. I also wanted to be sure I was really recommending a book that was in line with my own values. Whether I like it or not, this blog is such a reflection on what we believe as a family, and I can’t recommend something I didn’t stand behind.

Are you a WILD MAMA? {Book Review + Giveaway}“Wild Mama” is a personal account of one woman’s struggle to embrace both motherhood and her adventurous side. It’s what we talk about in almost every post here. And, if you’ve done it (or attempted it), you know it’s just not easy, plain and simple. Parenthood brings you to your knees, quite literally. In more ways than one.

It’s frustrating, empowering, humbling, and brings out every single raw emotion you didn’t know you could feel. But, many women (me included, and many of you too) were not made to just stay quietly at home. We yearn for something more than that…but want to bring our kiddos too (at least some of the time). We need to know that our kids don’t equal an automatic ball and chain. We need to know that we are strong enough, smart enough, brave enough and adventurous enough to step out, even just a little.

While I have different dreams than Carrie, I could relate to her feelings and writing on so many levels. I understand the need to have my “tribe” of people that love the same things I do, and put great value on them too. Motherhood is lonely enough – worse when you feel like you have no support from the community around you.

Here’s where this gets a bit more personal for me – I have an issue with parents that are always trying to get “rid” of their kids to do what they want to do (usually for selfish reasons). It’s my own thoughts, and I am ok wth that – judge away if you will. I was honestly worried that as I read I would get the feeling that Carrie was one of “those moms” that saw her own children as more of a hinderance than a joy. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely struggle with being a parent and balancing my own needs. But, we are about families here and I believe very strongly in that.

Long story short, I LOVE how throughout her book I was quite sure of the fact that she loves her family to the moon and back…and struggled with leaving them behind while she followed some of her own dreams. While I am quite certain that Carrie can attest to the up and down struggles of parenthood, I feel as though she found (and continues to find) a great balance of being a mama and knowing herself. It’s not an easy task.

“Carrie Visintainer’s children haven’t inspired her to settle down. They’ve emboldened her to more daringly explore the world. Visintainer’s memoir, Wild Mama, is a reminder that society doesn’t get to define what motherhood looks like; mothers do. 

Leigh Ann Henion, Author of Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurer’s Search for Wonder in the Natural World”

The truth is changing – motherhood is changing. It isn’t black and white. And it’s up to mamas like Carrie, like me, like you to be ok with that and live boldly.

Yes, I recommend you read this book. If you have a bit of a wandering spirit or a drive for getting out of the house, read it. If you struggle with fitting in the traditional box of parenthood, read it. If you just want to relate to someone who knows how hard it is to love so fiercely as parents do, read it. You can purchase the book on Amazon here (affiliate link).

Note: there is some language in the memoir. Not something I love, but also obviously the truth from her heart, no sugar-coating.

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44 thoughts on “Are you a WILD MAMA? {Book Review + Giveaway}”

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely check this book out. Balancing mommyhood and my own passion for adventure has been a bigger challenge than any mountain I’ve climbed or ocean I’ve crossed, but more rewarding too!

  2. I would love to read this book! I have a near constant desire to travel, but don’t want to leave the kiddo or the husband behind. I’d love to read about someone else’s adventure 🙂

  3. This is now on my to read list! Everyday it’s a struggle to find adventures the whole family can enjoy. And I yearn for travel destinations more adult orientated. Sounds lIke the perfect read!

  4. I found outdoor adventures as an adult and I am still developing in that role. I would love to discover what the author’s learned in order to empower myself and my daughters.

  5. Yes!-to all of this. I try to be adventurous but it’s not always easy with little ones. Would love to hear the author’s take and how she juggles it.

  6. Sounds like a good read. I definitely can relate, I don’t like leaving my kids to go on an adventure but would much rather share it with them. Thankfully good gear has made this much easier. It is hard sometimes though to not feel like certain things are on hold until they are older. Plus infant twins and a toddler has really tested my motivation to get outside but though it takes a lot of work it is always worth it.

  7. I totally struggle with this at times and would love to read this to get insight into how someone else has worked through this. Love being a mom but hard to give up your desires and dreams too!

  8. I’m with you, I didn’t have kids to leave them behind. I do believe in diversity though, and love hearing how other people have mixed parenthood, travel and outdoor adventure.

  9. I’m about to take my two young children on a month long trip to the SW. This would be a fun book to have along the way! My kiddos are the best road-tripping explorers i’ve met, and I wouldn’t leave them behind for anything. However, I know there will come a day where they will be leaving me behind to do some grand adventure and when that day comes, I will be thankful for all of the time we spent together exploring and pushing our limits and satiating our thirst for adventure TOGETHER. While I love to think back on all the great adventures I had before they came into my life, and they love to hear the tall tales, i can’t imagine leaving them behind right now. I fully support other parents who do, in fact my husband takes off frequently on his own for adventures we cannot join, but it’s not for me, not now anyhow!

  10. Sounds like a cool book. As a mother with a 15 month old, I’m trying to go through the effort it takes to pack my little family up and get us outdoors. My husband and I are avid hikers and I want our daughter to fall in love with the outdoors as we have.

  11. Sounds like an great read. It’s always interesting to hear how others tackle this dilemma. My kids come with me 90% of the time, (which I love!) but I also don’t feel guilty about taking off by myself when the opportunity (rarely) presents itself – I’m a much nicer person after I get a little me time in the mountains 😉

  12. As a new mom who loves adventure, I’d really like to read this book! I’ve been trying to involve my son in as much as possible but it’s not always easy!

  13. Sounds like this author & mom is living the dream! MY dream! I would love to read her story and learn how she does it all.

  14. I would love to read this! I have a constant craving for more adventure (and honestly my kids do too), but I find myself weighed down by the extra effort needed to get all the kids out the door. Napping schedules, poopy diapers, snacks, wet shoes, etc…sometimes it makes me not want to go anywhere!

  15. Sounds like a good read, I would love to win a copy. I am passionate about spending time outdoors and want to share that and encourage that in my boys, too. I started hiking and exploring when my oldest was born, but have found it challenging to feel that sense of adventure now that a long hike is what a two and four year old can hike on their own. It can also be intimidating to plan new or different adventures, so I love to hear the encouragement from other moms and families who make the adventures happen!

  16. I’m looking forward to checking this book out. Thanks for sharing it. I too yearn for adventure and spontaneity, and being a mother means sometimes I have to let go of my wants to take care of my child. Finding a way to still be me and to do things I have always enjoyed is still key, but I find I’m happier when I can let go more and be with what is in the moment.

  17. This is my story, as written by a fellow Wild Mama! I am stoked to read it. I have a constant struggle with the very same things!! I’m sure everyone here can relate!

  18. Wow, this book sounds awesome. I have struggled to find the balance between parenting and getting out “into the nature” (as I like to describe my outings). I also find that taking my 3-year-old along, which I love to do, really limits my options. Would love to hear a different perspective on adventuring with (and without) kiddos.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  19. I’ve been struggling with losing myself in motherhood lately. We aren’t getting out and doing things like I would like too, so a bit of motivation and inspiration would really help, thanks!

  20. I can definitely relate to this, as the mother of a two-year-old and with a husband who’s a homebody. I’ve been counting the days until my daughter is big enough to safely go camping/hiking/adventuring with me. It’s a part of my life I really feel the loss of right now.

  21. i am interested to read her account and journey in motherhood – while we mother uniquely to each child we have it is always an inspiration to me to read others’ joys and struggles in parenthood – finding balance is hard and letting go of guilt by stepping away from your kids is extremely difficult for me!

  22. Lately I’ve been on a mission to get my kids outside and moving more, not only for their well being but for my own. These winter months are dragging me down and I cant figure out a way around it. Hopefully this book will give me some goods ideas and tips. Excited to read it even if I don’t win. 🙂

  23. I so want to get my adventurous side back. I feel like I’ve lost it some since my kids. I also very much want to live somewhere that the outdoors and adventure is at my doorstep. Ohio makes it tough

  24. I LOVE this blog post! I struggle so often with how I am just so different and feel so alone in my momma journey. I am lucky to have found a very good like minded friend, but it has taken me time and struggle to learn how to make my own journey for me as a momma and to fit in my adventure with and without the kids! I can’t wait to read this book! It’s next on my list! thanks for the review!

  25. I’ll have to add this to my list of books to read! While my dreams of adventure do not necessarily include traveling the world, I love being able to get outside and explore and between less then ideal weather, tiredness, ear infections, napping schedules… It can sometimes look like too much work. Looking forward to reading this and some more motivation!

  26. As the author of Wild Mama, I just want to say thanks to Amelia for this honest review! And I’m grateful to all of you for these thoughtful comments. I enjoyed reading each one. Your insights affirm that we’re all in this together, Mamas! It’s so lovely to connect and unite.

  27. So much of this post resonates with me, especially about yearning for more than staying at home with my children. I love being a mama but that is not my only identity.

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