2017 Outdoor Gift Guide for Families

    Ta-Daaaa! Here it is! Our outdoor gift guide! Whew. This was a TON of work and I am so glad to finally get it to you. Humor me by reading it, ok? 🙂 We hope this takes the load off of you as you do some holiday shopping. You can rest assured that every single […]

    Encouraging an Outdoor Life Through Play

      It’s true that there is no substitute for actual time spent outside, but realistically it’s not possible to be out constantly. And truly I don’t think that is healthy either. There’s always a balance and it’s a fine art to find that. But, I want an outdoor life that is normalized for our family. It’s […]

      12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Day 7 (Favorite Gear for Kids)

        Effective, comfortable AND functional gear is a must for kids and happy adventuring. We believe in that whole-heartedly. We’re so proud to be able to give away a selection of our favorite favorites today!!   FIVE of you will win! DucKsday Rain Suit + Fleece from Ollie and Stella Outfitters  **Open to US only** We LOVE these […]

        I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

          I want my kids to feel strong. To be strong. As an adult (albeit pregnant, which changes things), I often watch them run and flip and jump and climb and wonder how they just keep on keeping on. I know it’s so clichĂ©, but really and truly I watch their bodies move in such awe. […]

          All Because She Says “Yes”

            This guest post was a winning entry in our “For the Love of Mom” contest. I feel as though Andrew hit the nail on the head with this one and captures what our own family thinks is so important too – saying YES! It also happens to be our only winning entry from a man. […]

            Five Myths about Kid’s Bikes That Every Parent Needs to Know

              I am so excited to welcome Natalie of Two Wheeling Tots. Here and I have been having some great conversations over the past few months about bikes and kids and just getting kids out. Her website is absolutely incredible. If you are in the market for a kids’ bike, THAT is where you need to […]