Avoid Unsafe Wildlife Encounters with These Quick Tips

Avoid Unsafe Wildlife Encounters with These Quick Tips

Avoid Unsafe Wildlife Encounters with These Quick Tips

This is the time of the year when I am on high alert every time we leave our home in Yellowstone National Park. The wildlife are everywhere – between calving elk, the bears who are going after those aforementioned calves, and bison, we have a host of potential dangers directly out our front door (quite literally). It’s enough to frazzle this mama’s nerves as I go on walks and bike rides with my three young children (two of which are often on their own bikes, furthering the fact that they are out of my control).

While living in a National Park is unique in many ways, dealing with the potential aggressive behaviors of wildlife and/or predators while out adventuring as a family is not. Bear, moose, elk, lions, snakes and a host of smaller (though definitely potentially dangerous) animals call the wilderness home too – and may not like the fact that you are “invading” their turf.

All that said, cooping up in the indoors in response to nervousness or being afraid is certainly not a good answer. The actual likelihood of having an encounter with aggressive wildlife is low and getting outside is crucial for all ages.

The trick is to be aware, be respectful of the animals and learn how to handle the situation should you suddenly find yourself dealing with aggressive animals.

While the recommendations for dealing with every animal you could possibly encounter are slightly different, there are some main points to keep in mind.

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