Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Families 2013 + Giveaways

bestgiftsforoutdoorfamilies2013Whether you are one of those people that has all your shopping done by now or not for the holidays, this is the time of the year when people start thinking about gifts – for themselves and for others.  We try really hard around here to get it through to our kids that giving is the important part and homemade and thoughtful gifts are to be valued.  However, we also use this time of the year to give gear gifts to people we love – things that will help them get outside and enjoy themselves (and hopefully get them joining us on adventures too!)

I feel like we are constantly suggesting items we really love here on the blog – but today we are listing some items that may be overlooked.  Our hope is to highlight some items that are a bit unique and something that we think anyone would love to receive.  We’re also thrilled to be able to offer a couple of giveaways to share the love just a little AND another sweet exclusive discount for Sierra Trading Post.

Make sure you read all the way to the end of this post for an announcement we have literally been cooking up for months now.  It’s huge and it’s our chance to give more than we can at any other time of the year (thanks to the generosity of a bunch of different companies.)  We just wanted to give you some sneak peeks before the biggest holiday shopping days of the year (whether you buy into them or not!)


As mentioned above, Sierra Trading Post has stepped in once again (because the offer was insanely popular last time) and offered the chance for you all to use a special discount code to get an additional 30% off the shop for the next week.  Perfect for some gear shopping, especially if you missed it last week.  Another perk for you of our #TeamSierra affiliation.

To get your 30% off, click here and then use code  SHUBTS2113. It is good through 11/24 (a week from today!)


Some of our favorite gifts for outdoorsy families

  • Wizbang Hats **giveaway posted at the bottom of this post** – Made in our neck of the woods (Bozeman), these hats are super cute, great for numerous different outside pursuits and perfect for women and kids.  While they do also have a new men’s line, we haven’t tried it out yet, so can’t speak on it personally.  This is one of their new Minky Fleece hats which has a much more generous sizing than any of the others I have tried (and I have tried most styles.)  While I continue to be the biggest fan of their headbands, this hat is worn almost daily.  It’s not super thick, but uber soft and covers my ears and forehead completely.

    Wizbang Minky Fleece Hat

  • Teton Sports  sleeping bag and pad for kids **giveaway posted at the bottom of this post** – In the past year, Teton Sports has made some impressive updates to their Celsius Junior line for kids in response to our mediocre review of the older version last year.  We love when companies really listen, and we recommend it very highly now.  It also comes in three different color options.  You can find our full review (mentioning the pros and cons of both versions here.)  Their pad is also great because it is just the right length to use with the bag, packs up small, is super durable and is an adequate width to accommodate kids that move around in their sleep.

    Celsius Junior bag (2013 version) from Teton Sports

  • Wee Woolies – We talked about these base layers on our “Layering up Kids for Winter” post last week, but they are worth mentioning again.  Great for pajamas or an extra layer and we love that we have finally found affordable merino wool for kids.

    Wee Woolies

  • Padraig slippers – These slippers are the most multifunctional, impressive, and comfortable slippers I have ever seen.  The kind that you put on and swear you will never wear another pair.  The kids (who usually could care less about slippers) wear them daily and worry if they cannot find them.  They are also wool so perfect for layering under booties for young kiddos to keep feet and toes warm.  They are available in newborn size through adult sizes.  Incredible.

    Padraig Slippers

  • Joey chairs from Travel Chair – We got these chairs just in time for some fall camping with our camper and have loved them. They pack up really small (which makes bringing them along easy) and are comfortable.  While they aren’t as generous of a “seat” as some camp chairs, most adults and all kids fit in them well.  You can read our full review on them (along with a great camp table by Travel Chair too) here very soon (which we will update as camping season starts again in the spring/summer next year).

    Joey Chairs from Travel Chair

  • Kickboard USA scooters – If you missed it before, definitely check out our review of the scooters from Kickboard USA.  Our kids love them, ride them daily and we rave about them to all our friends.  Ann (our new contributing writer on the blog) was actually the one that recommended I check them out – her kids have been on them for years and she can say nothing but good about them.

    Kickboard USA Maxi
    Kickboard USA Maxi

  • Overland Equipment Belvedere bag –  I am a huge fan of Overland Equipment bags just because they hold all I need, are super durable, clean up well and withstand years and years of hard abuse.  The Belvedere is my new favorite for a bunch of different reasons: the color options all hide dirt well, it’s a little more roomy (than my OE Donner) to allow for carrying more, and has a great combination of zipped and easy-access pockets.  My only gripe? No key leash (which I depend on heavily to make sure I don’t lose them!)  I take this bag with me almost daily to the gym, playdates and just out.  It has plenty of room for two water bottles, snacks, a changing pad, my iPad, and important documents or a good book.

    Overland Equipment Belvedere + Baby Belly 🙂


Need More Ideas?

We’re not the only ones with a gift guide posting today.  Check out some more from our friends around the #outdoorfamilies web.  There are more giveaways too!

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Win from Teton Sports and Wizbang!

Teton Sports and Wizbang have both jumped in with giveaways for you today.

  • Teton Sports Celsius Junior Bag (winner’s choice of color) and PadComfortLite Junior Pad Celsius Junior
  • Wizbang Desert Bloom Classic Lightweight HatDesertBloomSINGLE_350_322_s

As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win. The winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  Sorry, these giveaways are open to the U.S. only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get ready for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways coming December 1-12th!

Many of the items on our gift guide here today that are not being given away will show up throughout that event.  This was just a teaser.  Just saying…



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68 thoughts on “Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Families 2013 + Giveaways”

  1. A good kid’s sleeping bag needs to grow with them. I can’t afford to be buying new bags every year so we look for an appropriately long bag first and foremost. My 6-yr-old has put three good years in his bag and would love to pass his down and get one of these for Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the chance to win Amelia. My 2 girls have been camping since they were babies but I still do not have a sleeping bag for them that is all their own. Would love to win the Junior bag and give as a xmas present!

  3. We have two little boys and I look for something warm and that will grow with them. We only have one kids sleeping bag and two boys! Would love to win this!

  4. We haven’t purchased a sleeping bag for our toddler yet, so this would be perfect! I guess I would want it to be warm enough that all he needs is the sleeping bag so we don’t have to try and get blankets to stay on.

  5. our kids are only 4 so we haven’t looked for sleeping bags more than once, and the Keltys we have are pretty good. Living in Montana, we’re mostly looking for warmth!

  6. With a kids sleeping bag I look for warmth. In AK, even in the summer it can get cool at night, and there is nothing worse than a child who is shivering and unable to rest

  7. The sleeping bag says flannel lining which I’m guessing is wool or synthetic for a sleeping bag, but since flannel (traditionally wool) is now often made out of either of the above OR cotton do you know the exact material for this one? More kid’s sleeping bags than one would think seem to have cotton linings! Great for the living room but not so much the back country! If it is an outdoor worthy material, though I’d LOVE to win!

    1. Hi Lindsay. Great question. I took it right to Teton Sports for an answer and this is what they could tell me:
      “Great question,
      We have 2 different flannel liners, flannel is a type of fabric, but not a material.

      In the Fahrenheit series is sleeping bags we have cotton flannel, in the Celsius series we have a double brushed polyester liner. So we have a polyester and a cotton version, it just depends on preference. ”

      Does that help at all??

  8. Our sleeping bag isn’t quite big enough to keep a wiggling little boy inside of it. The pad is nice and thick for comfort but he has a hard time saying In it!! This looks like a great solution!!

  9. I look for a kid sized bag to reduce heat loss, soft interior, easy zip. I love that you pointed out that the interior lining is quilted in. I own a Teton Sports sleeping bag and I am sure my daughter would love this one just as much.

  10. Silent. Noise free. That’s what I would look for with my next child’s sized sleeping bag. The bag we currently own, the Big Agnes “little agnes – kids” is so loud it wakes her up while she is sleeping and adjusting her position! I realize I may be searching for a miracle, but it never hurts to try!

  11. I primarily look for warmth in a sleeping bag! My daughter just outgrew her pack-n-play, so she’ll now need her own sleeping bag and pad when we go camping. This would be an amazing Christmas gift for her!

  12. I look for both warmth and weight. I end up carrying it anyway most of the time. This would actually be a great gift for my niece who camps more than I do.

  13. I look for easy zippers so kids can escape when a bathroom break is nigh. This one be good for someone you love because my kids need to move on from their hand me down bags.

  14. I look for warmth and some room to move. I like that the pad folds up small and is wide enough to stay under the sleeping bag.

  15. I look for a kids sleeping bag to be easy to get in and out of. This one looks like it would be easy for kids to zip up.

  16. I look for comfortable fabric, warmth factor, and easy zippers. My 9 yr old son is top on my list for this sleeping bag.

  17. I would LOVE this sleeping bag and pad for our 5 year old. We have another little one now, who sleeps with us when we camp but soon they will both need a sleeping bag. These look really cool and then we’d have bags and pads for all of us!

  18. I look for a good quality bag that will last for all my kids. One that will keep them warm, but is not too heavy and that is easy for them to pack.

  19. The things I look for in a kid’s sleeping bag is water-proof, durable especially the zipper and one that can be used in cold and warm weather. This one would be good because the reviews on this sleeping bag indicates that others find it to be durable.

  20. I have been looking for a bag that will grow with our little guy. We would like something that is warm and roomy which is why I think this sleeping bag would be great for us.

  21. Something that is going to keep them nice and warm! This would be great for my daughter because she doesn’t have her own sleeping bag yet!

  22. For a kids bag, I try to make sure the lenght is appropriate, and less importantly, the colors should be really cool! This would be a good bag for my son as he grows a bit taller.

  23. My son has been complaining about the sleeping bag he’s using. He wants a new one and I just can’t afford it now. These look terrific.

  24. i love that i dont have to worry about my son sliding down in a longer bag since its made for kids and that its wide enough for him to roll over in 🙂 he needs a sleeping bag but its not in the budget at the moment!

  25. I look for warmth factor, quality of materials, zippering system (two vs. one) and room so my little ones don’t feel claustrophobic.

  26. We own some simple, inexpensive children’s sleeping bags from my MIL. they children like them a lot, but I am not really sure what I would look for if we were to buy our own. I suppose easy of storage would be great!

  27. We’re just starting to look for quality bags for a 1 and 3 year olds. Would love to get started with this bag! Needs to be comfortable, washable and warm!

  28. Wendy strohmeyer

    I love the idea of a child having their own sleeping bag whether they use it inside or out. It just gives them another space that is their own!

  29. Just recently realized that we’ll need to be looking into a sleeping bag for our toddler for this upcoming year of camping. Definitely looking for comfortable and warm. Our son loved the change to having his own big kid bed and he will be thrilled to have his own sleeping bag just like mom and dad’s!

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