Best Gifts for Biking Families

Best Biking Gifts for Families

At Tales of a Mountain Mama we believe that cycling is one of life’s simple joys, and we love sharing & stoking that passion with our family and friends. We’ve gathered up all our favorite gifts for biking families that we know you will love!

Big thanks to our sponsors REI, Woom, Spawn Cycles, Tow-Whee, Hamax USA, & Tonik Cycling.

Check out this guide and then be sure to head here for ALL our guides for 2019 – our team has worked hard to gather our very favorite recommendations.

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Make sure you check out our favorites from the list below and throughout this post – we love their products AND their passion for getting families on bikes.

Think BIKES!

Though frost and wood smoke may be in the air, and falling leaves carpet the ground, it’s never too late, or early, to think about the special cyclists in your life. With the changing seasons come thoughts of holidays and long winter days.

Whether you have groomed fat bike trails outside your door, or a crazy weather pattern renders a winter weekend perfect cycling weather, have a look at some of our favorite bikecentric gifts below.

From Mom and Dad, to the teetering toddler and the Tween, we’ve got gear that will be sure to help fuel the passion.

Want to Win?

We’re giving away some pretty sweet biking prizes for the next few weeks. Scroll all the way down to check out what we’re giving away (and then keep coming back!) This week we are giving away Tonik Cycling Apparel for Women!

Balance Bikes

The benefits of skipping tot-sized training wheels and going straight to two wheels are pretty well known, but if you need a little encouragement, start here. We also recommend reading this about why training wheels are a big no-no.

Balance bikes come in many shapes and sizes. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to balance bike to buy. Consider the overall height & inseam measurement of the child, what type of surface they will be cruising, and whether or not you want a rear brake.

Best Gifts for Biking Families


Check out this innovative newcomer to the balance bike scene – Spawn Cycles. What sets the Spawn Tengu balance bike apart from others is the impressive list of components not normally found on a balance bike. Spoil ’em early!

A chromoly fork and sealed hubs, quick release clamp and the pivotal saddle – and most importantly a reach adjustable lever on the Tektro V-brake for those itty bitty hands! With grippy, pneumatic tires, this bike is ready to tackle any terrain your little rider is up for.

Best for kids 2+ years old, and a minimum of 33″ tall.


The WOOM 1 has been a longtime favorite. The geometry is dialed in for tiny balance bikers with an upright body position and a low step-through entry point. A great balance bike for tiny humans too short for other balance bikes on the market.

The WOOM 1 has a recommended minimum height of 31″, and generally fits kids 18months on up. The WOOM 1 also features a steering limiter which keeps the front wheel heading in the right direction.

Read our full review here.

Pedal Bikes

Ride ’em to the park or to playdates. Ride ’em for fun or for transport. These bikes will handle city paths, bike friendly sidewalks, side streets and hard packed gravel routes. Search out bike friendly routes to day care drop off or get your groceries via two-wheeled-transport! We could all use a little more active time during the day.

If you need help getting started – check out our tips and tricks. Here are your best bets for Pedal Bikes in 2019:

Best Gifts for Biking Families
Woom 3, TowWhee + Burley D’Lite


After dominating the lightweight pedal bike scene for years, Woom continues to impress us with it’s kid friendly geometry, budget friendly prices, and lightweight components. The Woom 3 is no exception.

It’s featherweight at just 11.68 lbs for 16″ wheels, has a low center of gravity and hand brakes! Woo! Check your child for height and weight, but this bike generally fits ages 4-6.

Early Rider Limited Belter 16

Weighing in at just a bit over 12 pounds, the Early Rider Limited Belter 16″ is a great choice for your 3.5 to 6 year old. The unique belt drive system is one of a kind. No other kids bike on the market features this maintenance free, grease free, mess free belt drive. No chain, no (grease) stain. Check out this award winning bike! (2016 Eurobike Gold Award)

Early rider has also come out with a 16″ trail version, called the Early Rider Limited 16″ Trail Kids Bike. In addition, they have a 20″ Limited Trail Bike, and a 24″ hardtail Limited Trail Bike. All are available at REI.

REI Co-Op Cycles REV 20

Starting in 2018, REI began selling their own Co-Op branded bikes. Built on the foundation of high quality gear, they added product sustainability standards to their already renowned durability.

The result – well made, long lasting bikes that can be loved now, and passed down later. Their 20″ bike has both coaster and hand brakes for a great transition for kids who are familiar with a coaster brake. A sturdy bike at a great price point – and all REI bikes have a free tuneup.

Mountain Bikes

When the siren song of the single track becons, and your child is ready to leave the well trodden path to heed the call, best have a bike that can handle the trail in your quiver. Our picks?

Best Gifts for Biking Families

WOOM OFF 5 – 24″

Lightweight, well made and durable – the woom OFF 5 is a new design in the Woom family of bikes. It’s the perfect bike for tackling tricky technical terrain and climbing singletrack switchbacks. Your 50″ – 57″ rider is going to love the Woom OFF.

You will love the high quality design and components like the disc brakes with child sized levers, Schwalbe tires, 9 speed SRAM trigger shifter, flip-flop aluminum stem for adjustable handlebar height, and the strong & stable carbon fork.

The OFF is also available in 4 (20″) and 6 (26″) models.

See our full review here.

SPAWN Cycles Yoji 16″

Newly designed Yoji is a head turner. Have a peek at those beautiful off-road Spawn Cycles Loam Star tires! High end, high performance. Your little 4 – 6 year old will be riding in style on the city paths and dirt tracks astride this 14 pound bike.

This bike features chromoly forks, easy reach Tektro mini v-brakes, and a stem that can be flipped to change the geometry of the cockpit as your little rider grows! The Yoji 16″ is best for riders at least 37″ tall.

Full review coming!

SPAWN CYCLES Yama Jama 20″

If you’re looking for an impressive trail bike for your tike, look no further than the Spawn Yama Jama. With hydraulic disc brakes, Brood Bike Company tubeless ready rims and a Brood Bike Company Eldorado fork with 80mm of travel, this awesome bike is ready for the serious fun.

Best for kids with a minimum height of 43 inches. Review coming!


Helmet technology is advancing and the helmets on the market today help protect against brain injury, but only when they are well fitting, and worn properly. It is important to measure your childs’ head according to the helmet manufacturers instructions and always be sure to have the adjustable straps correctly adjusted.

Keep those foreheads covered! The helmet shouldn’t tip towards the back, or slip to the side. Take the time to find the right helmet, and the right fit.

Best Gifts for Biking Families

Lazer MIPS

Helmet technology differs from brand to brand. Lazer uses the MIPS technology to diffuse and redirect impact. The inner basket simplifies fit and adjusts to head shape automatically.

The Lazer Nut’z MIPS helmet is lightweight, vented, and appeals to kids with its cool graphics. Parents love it because it has adult level impact-diffusion & a lifetime crash replacement deal.

BELL Super 3R MIPS Helmet

If your rider is ready for a full face helmet, check out this great option from Bell. With 26 vents, they’ll be feeling the breeze. While full faced helmets are generally used for BMX / enduro / downhill mountain biking, the Bell Super 3R is unique in that it is convertible.

The chin bar can be removed for more casual trail rides. It meets safety certifications and has MIPS technology for reduced rotational forces in the event of wreck. MIPS has over 20 years of research behind it and is one of the leaders in head injury prevention technology.

My son loves his BELL Super 3R – he says it’s super comfortable and it fits him really well. Removing the chin bar is a snap.

WOOM kids bike helmet

Currently in the redesign phase, the woom kids bike helmet will be out in 2020. It has great features like a flexible visor, size adjustment dial, and a kid friendly magnetic buckle.

Bike Seats & Trailers

Long before your little one is able to keep up with you on their own two-wheels, you’ll be out riding with any one of these great along-for-the-ride options.

From trailers & bike seats, to an inventive bungee and an adventurous bike/trailer hybrid, you’ll find the perfect fit for your family. Any one of these would make great gifts for the new parents on your list.

They are absolute sanity savers for adventurous parents.

Best Gifts for Biking Families

Shotgun Kids MTB Seat

Singletrack loving parents – this is what you want to see under the tree the year your child turns two. We’ve found (see our full review here) this fits virtually every single modern mountain bike and is a quick five-minute switch between adult bikes if you each want a turn introducing your little one to the singletrack life, riding shotgun.

Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

If you’re looking for a rear mounted child seat – the Hamax Caress is one of the best on the market. We’ve found it to be a top choice. Sleek and modern with a suspension system and helmet recess for the ultimate in comfort for your tiny passenger.

It also has a 20 degree recline, and all adjustments on this seat can be done one handed! This seat will last your family for years. It can be used once your child can hold their head upright without support, average 9 months, on up to 48 pounds.

Thule Cross

Individually reclining seats, copious ventilation, and the VersaWing system to store the biking and strolling kits onboard, the Thule Cross is a top pick for kid-toting trailers!

The generous storage bin will hold everything you need for a day full of adventure, or a weeks worth of produce from the farmers market. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a new family – this is it.

They will use this for YEARS as their little ones go from tiny newborns to boisterous kindergarteners and beyond. Biking, strolling, running, even skiing. And yes, definitely add a ski-kit for families living where winters are lengthy.

Read our full review of the Thule Cross here.

Hamax Outback – Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer-Stroller-Jogger

Versitile, easy to use and well made, the Scandinavian Hamax Outback is an award winner, and passes stringent EU testing & is phthalate-free!

This multisport trailer will take you from the city streets to the ski trails with the optional accessories. We think it’s a great choice for a long lasting trailer. In 2020, the Hamax Outback will feature individually reclining seats. Also check out our review to see how well it handles in the snow with it’s unique ski kit!

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer

Great suspension to absorb little bumps, plush headrests to cradle little noggins, and reclining seats make the Burley D’Lite a great choice for comfort cycling. The D’Lite was recently updated and is now one of our top-recommended trailers.

Jogging, Skiing, and Strolling kits are available to customize your multisport trailer.

The Burley brand is well loved, trusted and has been a longtime leader in the bike trailer industry. Check out all our Burley Reviews here.

Weehoo TURBO Bike Trailer

An interactive & engaging option in the bike trailer market – the Weehoo is a single wheeled trailer that can go just about anywhere. It allows pedal propulsion so the kiddo is actually helping!

Sitting back and relaxing, or peddling their hearts out, the weehoo is fun for the whole gang. It also comes in a two-seater version.

Age range: 2-9yrs and up to 80 pounds! We have really enjoyed this recumbent style bike trailer, and I think you will too. It’s also available in a 2-kid version. Check out our full review here.

Tow Whee Towing Strap

If you haven’t heard of this miracle bungee before, allow me to introduce you to the awesomeness that is the Tow Whee. This bungee allows safe towing of the trailing bike when riding uphill. I’ve been using this bungee (see how here) for a few years with my kids and it’s such a great addition to our rides.

If you have a child that is proficient in riding their own two-wheeler, but could use a little hand on the uphills, invest. If you’re riding trails that vary from uphill to flats / downhills frequently, I’d strongly suggest you invest in one of the optional accessories to make attaching / detaching the strap a bit quicker.

Stocking Stuffers

Deck the halls with bike bells and streamers, falalalala lala la la. We’ve got some fun ideas for the bike lovers on your list.



A merry little ringing sound will greet your ears with the Electra bike bell. The lever is easy to push and there are so many choices, you’ll be able to find a perfect bell for every rider on your nice list.

TIMBER bolt-on bike bell

The TIMBER is a sturdy bell for the serious rider who needs a loud bossy bell that will keep surprises at bay. This is the bell to buy if you want your rider to be able to alert wildlife & have a consistent, lightweight tool for safety.

Techy Gadgets

GoPro MAX camera

The GoProMax is a lightweight, compact well made GoPro with 6 mics to minimize wind noise and all kinds of stabilizers to capture a smooth video that is able to be live streamed, recorded or turned into photos. Great gadget for the tech lover on your list!

A must if you want to capture your little rider on their first single track ride.

GPS – Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer

If the cyclist in your life likes to keep track of the nitty gritty stats of each ride, this GPS bike computer has every feature you could possibly need. Tracks nutrition, hydration, VO2 max, heat, altitude and mileage.

It goes above and beyond traditional bike computers with the addition of air time, flow and jump counters which would be a really fun bit of data for the mountain bike and downhill riders. It even has a bike theft alert that will let you know if your bike is moved when you are taking a pit stop.

Fun Stuff for Little Riders

Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Make your tiny riders’ bike look and sound like a motorbike! Like the ole’ card in the spokes trick on steroids, this lightweight exhaust system looks cool, and sounds even cooler!

Turbospoke doesn’t require batteries, and may even encourage your reluctant rider to put in a few more miles. Fits 100% of bikes in the 14″ to 24″ range. Such a great gift!

As an added bonus, the low rumble this exhaust kit makes will help your child be noticed on the bike path & trails.

Spoke Bling

I don’t know why, but these fun little accessories that every kid loves: Spoke bling.

Light, easy to remove, fun. Why not? I resisted for years. Finally gave in, and now I can’t figure out what took me so long. Gives the child a sense of individuality and pride about their ride. Win Win.

Streamers & Grips

Have a little one asking for a new pink bike, but she’s getting a blue hand-me down two-wheeler? Dress it up a little! Add streamers or bubble-gum pink grips.

Bikepacking / Touring Gear

Have you caught the bikepacking bug or know someone who has? Combining backpacking and biking is brilliant. It’s a great way to explore, and it can lead to some pretty awesome adventures.

Maybe you’re itching to take your family out on the trail for their first overnight? Or maybe you’re planning for your first Great Divide mountain bike ride? Check out some of these great items that will be sure to be a hit.

Best Gifts for Biking Families

Ortleib Handlebar Pack

The perfect way to carry your sleeping bag and a change of clothing, this handlebar bag is lightweight, waterproof, and well-made. Consider the Ortleib Handlebar Pack for your adventurous rider!

Revelate Designs Ranger Bike Frame Bag

Revelate Designs specializes in innovative, high quality bikepacking gear. This gear will last years. My husband has been abusing his Revelate Designs bags for over 5,000 miles, and they are still in great condition. The Ranger Bike Frame Bag is a great piece to start with. It has compartments, dividers, and pump storage straps, and was made in the U.S.A.

Salsa Cutthroat GRX

Maybe your love has everything they need, and they could use just a little something they really really want. Enter…..the Salsa Cutthroat. A great bike for bikepacking, gravel grinding, and the daily commute.

Winter Riding

Just because there is snow on the ground, and jack frost is nipping at your nose, doesn’t mean you have to put your biking on hold for the season. Fat bikes and snow skis for balance bikes will keep you & yours on two wheels all winter long. Don’t forget to add the Winter TowWhee to your winter adventure essentials!

Strider Ski Set

Plastic, lightweight skis that attach to 12″ balance bike wheels, turning the bike into a snow shredding machine! My kids loved to ride their balance bikes with the strider skis on the plowed bike paths around town during the long winter months. I’ve seen them being used on sledding hills, too. Lots of fun, and a great way to get the kids outside on those grey, cold days.

Check out our review of the Strider Snow Ski Set!

Winter / 4 Season TowWhee Bungee

The Winter version of the TowWhee Bungee can handle super cold temps and is ready for your winter sport activities. Snow biking and ski touring on the agenda?

Bring your Winter TowWhee Bungee along. It will extend your adventure and keep the kiddos smiling. (good for up to 500 pounds, so this towing strap works equally well for adults who could use a little boost now and again)

I’d highly recommend having a look at some of the TowWhee accessories for attaching/detaching the TowWhee in cold fingers season.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bike – 20″

This Mongoose Fat Bike, with 20″ wheels, is going to be perfect for your winter trail rider! The fully rigid bike with steel frame will be a great ride for your snow loving kid. Also fun on the beach in summertime! Sizing suggestion is given based on height. Check specs to be sure you’re getting the right size for your kid!

Salsa Timberjack 24″ Plus

A great bike for extending that beloved biking season. The Salsa Timberjack has a 1×8 gearing ratio which is perfect for tackling hills and still having gears left for the flats. The plus sized tires are all – season, making this a bike to be ridden year round! Sized for riders 4’7″ to 5’2″.

Cannondale Fat CAAD 2 – Adult Fat Tire Bike

For the kid-at-heart on your list, how about a fat tire bike! This 11 speed Cannondale with 4″ tires should be a big hit. Fully rigid, quality components, solid construction!


Bring some of that biking vibe into your home and life to inspire you and remind you of the trail when you can’t be out riding.


Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Farmhouse style wooden art décor.

Customizable Mountain Bike Art Print

Made with archival inks, and heavyweight matte paper, this frameable, customizable mountain bike art print will be the perfect gift for the couple that has everything.

See more of what we love from Aligned Adventure (formally Wild Blue Dream) here.

Wall Clock

Is it time to ride yet? This wall clock will be an inspirational addition to your home or office.

Unique Bike Art

Pick your color palette for this beautiful dutch design bicycle art that will look great on any wall.

Simple Wooden Decor

Sanded, engraved, simple. Mountains + Bikes = Smiles.

For The Kids!

Organic Cotton Baby Bike Quilt

100% organic cotton bike themed baby quilt.

Bike Wall Art

Bike themed printable art for your little riders’ room!

Bike Themed Duvet

Handmade microfiber comforter cover (duvet) to add style and softness to your little riders room!

For the Kitchen

Mountain Bike Mugs

Perfect for the pre-ride cuppa joe. These enamel mugs are customizable if you want to personalize them!

Mountain Bike Tea Towel

Beautiful hand dyed and screenprinted tea towel – can be custom dyed many different colors to suit the cyclist on your list!

Bicycle Pot Holders

Cotton Duck handmade pot holders.

Bike Cork Trivet

Body & Soul cork trivet.

Clothing & Accessories

Tonik Cycling Apparel for Women

Ladies, if you love to cycle (or just be active in general) and want functional clothing you can wear all day long (and look cute too), Tonik is it.

Their dresses and tanks are built for maximum movement and performance with high quality wicking fabric, stylish designs and feel-good activewear. Amelia has been testing them and loves their longer-length tops for biking especially, but also wears their styles almost daily.

Mountain Bike Hoodie

Eco friendly dyes and produced using solar energy, this Mountain Bike Hoodie is good for the soul, and the earth. Tailored fit. Classic design.

Beautiful Ride Tee

Eco-friendly ink, high quality tee. Beautiful Ride quote graphic tee. This is a gift that will last for years.

Baby Bike Shoes

Teeny tiny, soft soled bike crib shoes for the tiny biker in your family. Eco-conscious construction and materials make for a beautiful set of shoes for your tiny love.

Lightweight Bike Pullover

Organic cotton, hand pulled print cycling inspired pullover hoodie. Super soft sustainable apparel.

alittlelark Bike Apparel

Kids raglan RIDE tee with 3/4 sleeves and tons of playground appeal.

Books and Toys for Girls and Boys

Mini BMX Bike Toy

Inspire imaginative play, and keep little hands busy with these mini BMX bikes!

Playmobile Bike

Playmobile toys are BPA & phalate free. Made to withstand generations of play! These are the toys your kids will be handing down!

Tech Deck BMX Finger Bike

Well made, long lasting metal BMX replica toys.

Bike STEM project

STEM, bikes and lights? Sounds like a great combo to me! Tech Will Save Us STEM project for 2nd – 8th graders.

B is for Bicycles

B is for Bicycles, an alphabet book from Buddy Pegs, our favorite folks getting kids on bikes!

The Girl and the Bicycle

A beautiful wordless picture book about persistence. And bikes.

BMX Challenge

Jake Maddox Sports Stories Series. BMX Challenge in one many in a large series. A good read for 1st to 5th graders.

I hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful in searching out the perfect gift for the cyclists in your life.

Keep riding, keep inspiring, and keep giving the gift of time to those you love!

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  1. We really hope to win this because I take my six year old daughter mountain biking and e would love to take my 3 year old along with us.

    1. This is a great, thorough list! I really like the Woom OFF! I don’t know that my son would be quite ready for one yet. I think we will get him a Bell Super 3R in the spring. And I know my daughter would think the spoke bling would be fun!

  2. Our Son would love it! We already have a frontseat for our bikes, but it is time for something new (his legs are just to long ). the mountains are waiting for us. ⛰
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Our almost 4 year old is swooning over the woom 3 and crossing his fingers he will get a purple one for his December birthday! He is already killing it on his woom 2 but growing like a weed. The seat is already fully extended. Woom bikes are the best! Pick us! Pick us! 😉

  4. Would love to win this but again, Instagram although we are following does not allow me to “continue” with these last two entries.

    1. The bike trailers are on my husbands wish list. We recently got a single trailer for our son and found out we are expecting a second child. Having the burley, thule or hamax (especially the 2020 model that reclines) with a newborn and toddler would be so helpful to get us outside more.

  5. This would be great to win because my 5 yr old cousin has a pretty old broken down bike and she really needs a new one. It would make a great Christmas present and I’m sure she’d love it!

  6. I would love a Woom bike for my little. Or the bike trailer that converts to a jogging stroller. My jogging stroller has seen its better days and we need an upgrade.

  7. What great reviews and give aways!!! Fingers crossed for a win – not sure how we will survive winter in Vermont without a bike a burley encore! We love to bike in the summer and ski in the winter-getting our daughter in the great outdoors young is so important to us!

  8. I love love the higher end Burley trailer that you can use all the kits with. Just moved up north and i love the idea of biking when possible but also going cross country skiing! Also would love the woom bike for my 2 year old.

  9. My 2nd little is ready for a pedal bike and that woom would be perfect for her! that may just have to be her next birthday gift!

  10. The Woom bikes are amazing- we’ve bought two at your recommendation. The burley would be so helpful in the winter and rainy days.

  11. I think I’m going to get my daughter the ‘Spoke Bling’. Something so simple and perfect for avoiding a mass of unnecessary toys! I also love the ‘Life is a beautiful ride’ sign.

  12. It’s hard to choose a favorite! I love the build your own bike lights kit for my older kiddo as he loves lights and biking. The crib shoes are adorable! But we are really hoping to win the burley so we can bike as a family!

  13. The shotgun kids seat would be a great gift for my daughter! She’s such a daddy’s girl and thrill seeker and I know she would love it.

  14. I love the baby bike crib shoes, adorable for my baby due Christmas Day! Also, the Life is a Beautiful Ride shirt for myself. The Burley trailer kit would be amazing to win, thanks for doing the giveaway!

  15. I won the Burley bike trailer thru this blog earlier in the year and love it. I would love to win it again and give it to a friend of mine who is a single mom with two kids who is a runner and loves the outdoors but sometimes struggles to get out and be active with them. I think the double trailer would be perfect for her!!

  16. Forsure my sons would love the bmx bike set heck anything bike they would love. I love the beautiful ride quote graphic shirt! Thanks for this generous chance!

  17. My son needs a MIPS helmet for his increasing adventures with wheels, so we are comparing the different options, like the Laser, for toddlers. I also love the Electra bike bells! We need bells with character! ❤️

  18. I think my son would like the woom bike and helmet, might put it on the Christmas list. I would love a d-lite for him and my commute. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win some awesome and useful prizes!

  19. My son has really gotten into biking his year by is outgrowing his bike. I’d love to get him a Spawn Yama Jama!

  20. I like the Lazer Nut’z MIPS helmet and the spoke bling. We are putting the spoke bling in our girls’ stockings. I hinted to my husband that I need new handlebar grips in my stocking.

  21. I am absolutely charmed by the bicycle duvet covers. They don’t exactly help us continue biking more than we already do, but I am really seriously looking into purchasing those when we redo the kids’ room in the next few months.

  22. The towhee strap is awesome. I borrowed one a couple months ago and it worked great. I imagined it would be really disfunctional, but it wasn’t at all.

  23. I absolutely think my son would FREAK OUT over the Turbospoke Exhaust System!! I’m actually going to buy it now! Thank you

  24. Such great gift ideas! I am definitely thinking we’ll buy the strider ski set since my daughter wants to be on her strider bike all year long. She’d probably love one of the Electra bike bells too. I also loved the Weehoo trailer and could see that working well when mountain biking.

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