Bitybean Baby Carrier Review

Bitybean Baby Carrier Giveaway

We’re marching on with our extensive list of baby carrier reviews for The Great Babywearing Project.  Our most recent addition is the Bitybean Ultra-compact Carrier.

Bitybean Baby Carrier Review

“The Bitybean ultra compact baby carrier is THE smallest baby carrier I have found out there that still remains comfortable for both the child and the wearer.  It is about the size of a Nalgene water bottle and weighs only 8 ounces.

The Bitybean is recommended for children 3 months AND at least 8 pounds up to 40 pounds and 3 years of age.  Because of her excellent head control, I did have L in it briefly before 3 months just to see how she did.  She was safe (I checked plenty), but definitely more comfortable once she hit that 3 month age mark.  Alternatively, our very small, 25 pound 3 year old is honestly not ideal in it.  The seat of the carrier is more narrow, and while this is great for smaller babies, it means that he isn’t getting a complete ergonomic hold that goes from knee to knee.  HE always says he is fine and comfortable, but I don’t feel like I could wear him in it for a long stretch of time.  That said, the Bitybean is intended as a back-up carrier – not necessarily something you would wear all day long. It is a perk of the carrier – small and ready for when you need to be comfortably hands-free.”

Read our full review here (or by clicking the image below). 


Win one!

Bitybean has generously offered the chance for one of you to win a Bitybean + Hood in your choice of color.

As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  This giveaway is open to the U.S. AND Canada.

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