Carve Your Path + Discount code!

    If you’re anything like me, you’re a “multi-tasking ninja”, trying to do 10,000 things at once and often forgetting the importance of YOUR sanity and well-being. Or maybe just forgetting that you can’t possibly do everything, as much as you may try. Someday I’ll convince myself this isn’t true. For me, here’s the biggies when […]

    Fifteen Minutes Isn’t Enough.

      When I started this blog six and a half years ago, I had a 2 year old and a newborn. Life was so much simpler then, and yet I remember it being so much more stressful. Being a new mom is so hard. Time and more kids have certainly changed me. My goal then was […]

      Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

        Oh spring….how wet (and muddy) thee are. But, the outside play must continue for the sanity of us all. Of all the gear we have used and own, I think the gear that keeps everyone dry and happy proves to be the most valuable in each season. These are our tried and true favorites. Full […]

        A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

          NOTE: Our newsletter subscribers will be receiving an exclusive coupon to MOA on Wednesday! Be sure you’re on our list by signing up here!! When we made the decision to move to Jackson, Wyoming it certainly wasn’t for the housing opportunities. People joke that the billionaires are pushing out the millionaires, but it’s not too […]

          Ditch the Hassle of Car Seats

            Ditch the car seats? What?!?!? Did I seriously just say that?? I tend to be Miss Safety, but seriously this product is changing how we do car safety around here, especially for traveling. Because it is SO much easier than hauling car seats. This past December we traveled with 5 kids aged 8 and under […]

            Favorite Gear to Straddle the Seasons for Women

              I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but people are starting to make a bit of a switch to spring, at least in the gear world. Everything winter is on sale (so stock up, people!) and advertisements for spring are in full swing. Yet, as I wade through sub zero temperatures and a couple feet of […]

              Live Wide Open: Finding Peace with the Process of Chronic Disease *Guest Post*

                **Today I am so pleased to welcome Becky, whom I have had the pleasure of working with as a Deuter Ambassador for the past few years. Besides a Deuter ninja, she also happens to be a pretty amazing woman….despite her intense struggles. Please welcome her warmly!**  I didn’t talk about it much for the longest […]

                Put a Bucket on Your Brain – Why You Need a Helmet

                  This winter (and every winter), you should be wearing a helmet for any sport that could get your noggin cracked. Ice skating, skiing/boarding, and sledding are the big ones. My kids look at me a little funny when I tell them they don’t need to wear one XC skiing, but maybe they should?!? I don’t […]

                  Winter Gear for Kids 2017/18 – What They’re Wearing!

                    Every year I like to pull together a round-up of the gear we are using and our thoughts on it. Winter gear for kids is so tough sometimes – it really is essential to have quality gear for happy kids and happy adventures. This year we are testing a really huge range of gear. As […]

                    Giesswein Indoor/Outdoor Shoes for Winter Camping and Cozy Homes

                      There’s something incredibly cozy about winter. To me, it means playing in the snow during the day and snuggling up to a good book or game or kid chaos (call it what you want) when the sun goes down early. There’s a bit of an art to staying warm and comfortable, and once you master […]