Our Favorite Snack

Keeping busy and active and being outside a lot requires ample energy. These are the very best granola bars I have found and we make them nearly every other week in our home (they don’t manage to last long.) We buy our flour (Montana Wheat is incredible and the only flour I buy now!!) and oats …

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Fall Is Here!

Fall means harvest time (well at least for some….)  Thrilled to have this corn, but sad that….  …this is the only thing we can grow (and it is still not red….and yes, there is only one…) I have come to the conclusion that the fact that my plants are thriving INSIDE (nights have been in …

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Chariot Sweetness

I cannot sing the praises of our Chariot enough.  It is the piece of equipment that lets us continue to get outside – running, walking, biking and skiing.  It is a full load with two kids in it (plus snacks, drinks, dog leash, quilts, phone, random books, etc. etc.)  The boys are always happy in …

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This is Why We Babywear….

Sometimes we need a little reassurance that it is worth the extra little weight of carrying a baby around most of the day 🙂  This is an incredible article worth reading (especially if you are on the fence!) Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress


I love that we use cloth diapers. I love that it is healthy for our children. I love that we are reducing trash by a significant amount.  I love that we are saving money (assumedly $1500 a year!).  I don’t love that our electricity is about half the normal cost at night. I don’t like …

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