Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

There’s something about being a part of a team that makes you want to work for the joy and well-being of others. You fight harder, feel deeper and are more apt to jump to their rescue. We feel strongly that being a part of a family also means being a part of a TEAM. Because we have each others’ backs, and the family is where all the success for the rest of life starts.

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

Our kids fight. They call each other names, they hit, they scream, they are downright nasty.

They also love. They help each other up, hold their baby sister for a four hour boat ride, read each other books, snuggle and hold hands.

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

They feel deeply.

They team up for each other AND against each other.

It’s our job (as their parents) to work harder on the former…..because this family is #1 priority.

It’s a dirty job at times, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Because if they KNOW they are forever a part of “Team Mayer”, they can be certain someone is there for them when the going gets rough (and rough it will get!)

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

Lately we focussed on teamwork on the river.

It’s unpredictable at times. Requires listening, compassion and cheering each other on. Undoubtedly there are tears at some point…because the river challenges us all. Maybe that’s what makes it so beautiful?

The kids decorated their “uniforms”.

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

We displayed our team name proudly.


And when the baby started screaming literally 50 yards down the river, we saw teamwork happen. (by george, it’s possible!)

We all had a snack.

We swallowed our pride as we were questioned about what we were doing by other boats passing by.


The baby nursed.

And then when she was still not loving it in her normal spot at my feet, her brother stepped up and offered to hold her.

And she was happy.

And we beat the storm (despite getting a good workout paddling against white-capped river waves….going against us).

And he was so proud. Because he knew he helped our team.

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

And we were proud of him too.

This little world is what it’s all about. Our job is to help make them great adults…..even if that means getting past the tough “you’re killing me, kid” stages first!

Building Team Mayer on the Yellowstone

Go Team Mayer!

Rock on.


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