Campfire Dessert – Chocolate Orange Cakes

We are no gourmet cooks around here when it comes to camping.  Truth be told, I am often so worried about all the rest of the gear and getting ourselves there that food falls to the wayside.  We just don’t get too fancy (though stepping it up a little is in the plans this summer.)
Melissa over at Adventure Tykes is linking up a bunch of us outdoor bloggers sharing some camping recipes today (so check her site for links to all of them!)  I, personally, can’t wait to see what everyone else offers (maybe I’ll get some great ideas!)
So when are are NOT having hot dogs and S’Mores, this is our tried and true dessert recipe. Sadly, somehow I don’t have any photos of it at all, so you’ll have to use your imagination for now (or check out this or this post of others doing the same/similar recipe!)
Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes:
– Oranges for everyone (1 per serving)
– Chocolate Cake Mix
– 1 Can 7-Up or Sprite
– Tin Foil and Knife
1.  Cut off the top of the orange so that most of the orange remains in its “ball” shape.
2.  Dig out the meat of the orange without tearing the peel (just go slow and easy!)
3.  Mix the cake mix with the soda (I usually just mix them up in the plastic packaging the mix comes in to save dishes.)
4.  Spoon the cake mix into the oranges about 1/2 full.
5.  Replace the lid on the orange and double wrap it in foil.
6.  Place the package in campfire coals for about 15 minutes (though this depends on the heat of the fire, the thickness of the peel, etc. etc. so check often!)
Yummy Yummy!
Anyone ever tried this before?  Any great variables I should know about?

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