Summer Reading for Outdoor Kids + Giveaways

    Summer is a time for dreaming and playing and exploring and getting lost in stories. I have many great memories of long summer afternoons spent caught up in the pages of a book. I am hoping the same for my own kids. We are currently doing a little local reading challenge and they are insisting […]

    Preparing for Spring Travels with Usborne Books!

      Today is National Read Aloud day! Just in time for a post about books (because we love them) and planning some kid-entertainment for spring break trips.  We are welcoming Erica of The Scholar Ship. She was on the blog a few weeks ago with some tips to Teach Outdoor Kids about Weather (which is a […]

      Teaching Outdoor Kids about Weather

        Today I welcome my family friend, Erica to the blog. She hails from Kodiak (yep, the island known for the “Kodiak bear”) where she lives with her husband and two children. While my experience with Kodiak was only swim meets a couple different years in high school (was best traveling fun ever because we got […]

        The Truth About Nature Book Review + Giveaway

          Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer have a new book out for families! If you missed our previous reviews, definitely check out their other books: We Love Nature! and The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book. The book is full of common nature myths, how untrue they really (from level 1 to 3) are AND what the full truth is. […]

          We Love Nature! Book Tour and Giveaway

            I am a sucker for a good book that helps us get outside as a family.  Sometimes we all just need a little direction and a boost to actually get out the door.  It’s easy to fall into the same routine of how we get out which becomes repetitive and boring over time.  We all […]

            Zoom! The Story of a Boy and his Balance Bike

              If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you know the story of Axel and how his tragic death has kickstarted an amazing project to get kids on balance bikes.  If you missed it, you can find out more about the Axel Project and their story here.  It’s one we stand behind 100% and […]

              Q + A with the author of “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”

                I sure love a well-written novel! Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Tilia Klebenov Jacobs’ riveting novel, Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Ms. Jacobs  shares our passion for the outdoors; her story combines two of my great loves – literature and the wilderness. Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a gripping story of a hostage situation that takes place […]

                Celebrating the Cowboy Life + Book Review

                  While Yellowstone isn’t necessarily known for a cowboy culture, I have spent the last 8 years living in Wyoming (and now near Montana) and it is certainly an integral part of this part of the country.  It isn’t unheard of to see cattle drives going down the road.  Ranches (both “dude” and “working”) are dotted […]

                  12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 2: Around the Campfire

                    There is nothing better than relaxing around a roaring fire, whether it be outdoors or indoors!  While I personally prefer outdoor campfires, I sorely miss having a wood stove in our home (they are not allowed in the homes in Mammoth, Yellowstone.)  There’s just something about the heat, look and feel that instantly relaxes me. […]

                    Best Gifts for Outdoor Families: Books Edition 2013

                      Books are my favorite gifts for my children! I have just as much passion about reading and exploring books with my kids as I do getting them outdoors. So, I must share with you ten of our favorites in the form of this ‘gift guide.’  Not all of these are strictly “nature” or “outdoors” related […]