An Invitation for Adventure for Kids of All Ages + CAMP DISCOUNT CODE!

    My boys are SO excited about attending the Spider Monkey day camp at Keystone Science school this summer. I will be reporting back, of course, later this summer. Because, quite honestly, I am just as excited as they are. However, in the meantime, I wanted to just share some more about their camps. I have […]

    Keeping Katmai Healthy {Light and Healthy Coupon Code + Giveaway}

        We talk a lot about how to get your family out and moving more, but haven’t talked as much about getting your pets out moving.  In my opinion, getting the dog out moving as YOU get out moving is only natural.  But, I know that in reality (at least in my reality) that can […]

      Culdesac Fun: Featuring Chalk by Yesterday’s Echo Events + Coupon Code

        As I’ve mentioned before, chalk is a staple at our home and makes frequent appearances in this suburban family’s outdoor play.  It’s a great tool that I could go on and on about.  In short, when we need an extra push out the door we bring out the chalk.  Additionally: It promotes having fun, being […]

        Together Box Review & Coupon Code

            We’re always ready and willing to try a new activity with the kids, especially when that means spending time outdoors and playing. We like to encourage them to play freely on their own, but it’s nice to have a something in my back-pocket that inspires a little more focus to our play, or that offers […]

          THE Gear if you are Pregnant or Nursing: Mountain Mama Expecting Adventure Reviews

            I hate being pregnant. The reasons are all selfish (well mostly, anyway.)  I hate the weight gain, I hate the fact that it slows me down (enough to put me on bed rest with P), I hate the nausea and the waddle and all the fun stuff that goes along with it (I’ll save you […]