6 Tricks for Encouraging Kids Down the Trail

    I know that we are entering into the cooler (or colder?) months, but that doesn’t mean that trail time is over. In fact, when the heat finally lets up is some of my favorite times to get out. No bugs, no heat, no more horribly stinky feet! Ok, maybe feet still don’t get stinky, but […]

    Explore the Outdoors + Giveaway

      We are gearing up for spring around here. That and trying to find a balance in this new reality of being a family of 6. Life has gotten a bit more busy, but the adventures and exploring don’t stop. Baby M may be happy eating and sleeping (and I am SO incredibly thankful that so […]

      Unplugging and Breathing….

        This weekend we followed Mtn Papa to the mountains while he hunted. We love going along when we can because it gives us more time camping, more time as a family and the fall is just so gorgeous. While I usually pair hunting season with “snow”, we managed some cool, but decent weather. Perfect for […]

        National Geographic Kids + Ice Cream Expedition + Kids Almanac Giveaway

          As a mom, I am always looking for great ways for my kids to learn about the world around them, to get them outside and loving nature as much as possible and to minimize screen time as much as I possibly can.  I’m a big fan of books, library time (which we unfortunately have to […]

          Nature Exploration: Making Sunprints

            I have enjoyed making sunprints ever since I was a child.  As a kid, I’d go out in the backyard, collect some nature-things and then make prints on the sidewalk in front of our house. I can’t pinpoint what was/is so exciting about making sunprints – but I know that the combination of exploring nature […]

            LifeTrails are for kids too!

              I’m often on the prowl for something or someplace nearby that we can re-explore as the kids change and develop new skills. This familiar trail lined with exercise stations is a great example of how when our abilities change, so do our adventures.  LifeTrail fitness stations like these are pretty widespread in urban areas across […]

              Park Hopping!

                  Nope, I’m not referring to Disney park hopping, friends. My suggestion to you, however, is no less fun! Discover the wilderness nearby through a visit to your parks—neighborhood parks, state parks, national parks, county parks, etc. Our family moved to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area of North Florida 11 months ago and we have enjoyed […]

                Happy Kids Get Muddy!

                  Our country is overrun by the quest to cut out all germs and bacteria and become as “clean” as possible.  We have entire grocery aisles dedicated to cleaning supplies and constant marketing schemes to get cleaner (but what I see, personally, as only adding more harmful chemicals to our home.)  Unfortunately, that trend has also […]

                  A Nature Bucket List (Book Review and Giveaway)

                    Get ready for summer (or spring, fall or winter…) with this fabulous new book by Ken Keffer and Stacy Tornio just hitting shelves.  A quick and easy read, The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up is chock-full of great ideas in a check-list-like form (which totally suckers me […]

                    *Guest Post* Get Your Hands Dirty Blog Tour – Lucky Girls

                      Sometimes we forget that these beautiful trails we take for granted (especially at National Parks) are the result of blood, sweat and tears from trail crews doing their job (and doing it well!)  I love this new book by Christine Byl all about her experiences on the crew and literally getting her hands dirty.  As […]