Simplifying Trail Food with TrailFoody

    To be quite honest, I tire very quickly of packing food for the trail. I have a very hungry family (don’t we all?!?!) that gets hangry when the food runs out, so I really have no choice…if we all want to make it back home alive. When I was approached by Trailfoody to check out […]

    Valentine Treats for Outdoor Kids

      I love, love, love my kids. I don’t love when my kids are hyped up on sugar. Not that we never have it around here (because that would be a lie), but Halloween and Valentines have become SO sugar-saturated that I have a tendency to want to avoid them completely. That said, we do reserve some […]

      12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 11: Fuel for the Adventure

        **Check here to keep up with all the giveaways for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways Event!** So up until this point we have been focusing heavily on GEAR for our giveaways. But, what’s an adventure without some great food?!?! Nothing. And, if you have kids (or adults) that get hangry, it’s just misery! We […]

        Packaged Snacks We Recommend + Giveaways

          For many of us, it’s back to school and routine and we’re thinking more and more about lunches and snacks and bringing food to go. While I am a huge proponent in packing meals for an adventure any time, we figured it was a great opportunity to do a round up of some of our […]

          Gearing up for Picnic Season + PlanetBox Giveaway

            One of the joys of warmer weather is being able to eat outdoors. We do it as often as possible for various reasons: Less mess inside (this one gets at least ten gold stars for the very sake of making life easier for me!) More fresh air outside A chance to do something different Easy-access […]

            Pack it Up and Go “Out” to Eat – Ideas for Picnic Meals

              Thanks so much to Stanley Brand for sponsoring today’s post and helping inspire all of us to get out, eat out, and play on! I feel like I am becoming pretty proficient at packing meals on the go. I refuse to fall into too many pre-packaged options, but since we spend a lot of time […]

              Equipping your Kids for Lunch with a MightyNest Giveaway

                We’re so excited to be partnering with one of our favorite companies, Mighty Nest, today as we talk equipping your kids for lunch, giving kids ownership in their choices, and making outdoor (and school) meals run smoothly.  As part of this “Let’s Do Lunch” promotion, Mighty Nest supplied us with the lunchbox we tested out AND […]

                Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

                  We seem to go through an exorbitant amount of granola bars in our home.  They are quick energy for busy kids and are a standard in our packed lunches and every day get-out-and-go bags.  The rough part is that they are not cheap AND not necessarily as healthy as I wish they were. However, I […]

                  Real Food. Real Energy. *Kate’s* Review and Giveaway

                    After living near (and playing in) Jackson, WY for years, we have a special place in our hearts for the local crowd and food.  Kate’s Bars are everywhere and have accompanied us on many adventures in and out of the surrounding area of Jackson.  Somehow in our move to the Park we just haven’t had […]

                    Real Finger Foods Recipes ~ Super Bowl or Not!

                      I have to admit, my husband and I really enjoy a good football game, with good food & perhaps even an adult beverage in hand. With that said, I cannot tell you the last time we sat and actually watched a game!  Our weekends full of outdoor fun, not to mention our commitment overall wellness, […]