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Great Kids Gear (Adventuring for Christmas!) + Baby Banz Giveaway

Our kids always benefit from some great gear for Christmas along with the “fun” stuff.  (Not that gear isn’t fun, because it definitely means fun adventures!)  We are strong believers in the idea that great gear = happy kids and fun times!  It is absolutely worth the money for us.  We give each other gear …

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A Biking TRIO!

Tonight was momentous – we biked together as a family….all THREE of us (P is just a BIT too young at 4 months…) J has a balance bike and something clicked tonight as he rode around and we rode with him.  I have taken him out to ride plenty of times, but I usually just …

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Chariot Sweetness

I cannot sing the praises of our Chariot enough.  It is the piece of equipment that lets us continue to get outside – running, walking, biking and skiing.  It is a full load with two kids in it (plus snacks, drinks, dog leash, quilts, phone, random books, etc. etc.)  The boys are always happy in …

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