Live Wide Open: Finding Peace with the Process of Chronic Disease *Guest Post*

    **Today I am so pleased to welcome Becky, whom I have had the pleasure of working with as a Deuter Ambassador for the past few years. Besides a Deuter ninja, she also happens to be a pretty amazing woman….despite her intense struggles. Please welcome her warmly!**  I didn’t talk about it much for the longest […]

    Raising Gamers: Nurture through Nature

      Today Robyn Robledo from Nomads with a Purpose welcomes us on the blog. I love her perspective and the fact that she adventures with her 5 kids….which gives me hope that life will be easier with MY 5 as they get older! She also has some pretty stellar Family Adventure Road Trips that you can […]

      Farewell, Sweet Summer *Guest Post*

        Today I welcome my local friend, Jenny, to the blog. She adventures with me often, and I love that we also share a passion for writing. I’m honored to have her on the blog today! As always, please leave her some love in the comments!   Summer in Yellowstone is short. Winter sleeps late in the […]

        Five Easy Campfire Recipes: Discover Delicious Low-Maintenance Campfire Recipes

          A little message from Merrell today (because I love their shoes and their clothing AND camping and eating while camping)…..and I need to be packing our own camping food right now anyway for weekends of fun ahead.   There’s nothing quite like fresh-caught fish when you’re camping. But if you’ve had a long day of hiking […]

          {Guest Post} Tips for Hitting the Trail with Kids (Whining not included)

            Today we welcome Carrie Visintainer to the blog.  She has a fabulous site encouraging women, men and families to “free your wild” – to find your passions and pursue them (and not let adding children to the mix suffocate them).  Be sure to check out her bio at the end of this post.  Thanks, Carrie, […]

            7 Tips for Fun Winter Hiking with Kids {Guest Post}

              I am pleased to welcome my blogging peer, Rebecca of Just Trails, to the site today.  Make sure you check out her bio at the bottom of the post on where to find her!  Her tips are great! A few weeks ago I was at the library for story time with my two kids (age […]

              Hike on, Mama! It’s Good for the Baby on Board

                Today I welcome a fellow outdoor blogger to this space to share about hiking while pregnant.  I believe in what she says whole-heartedly and am happy to share.  Our daily hikes right now look a lot like finding as many hills as possible pushing 80 pounds of kids + stroller, but the refreshing simplicity of […]

                5 Ways to Get Kids of all Ages Outside

                  Around here, we are always looking for great new ideas to get families outside and active.  Please welcome Michelle to the blog today – she has some great ideas on everyday ways to get out and get moving!  As always, please read to the bottom of the post for more about Michelle and where to […]

                  The Great Smoky Mountains: A Perfect Family Vacation Destination

                    Obviously much of what we talk about here on the blog centers around the West and our surrounding area.  I write about it because it is what I know and love.  However, I am ever open to traveling and exploring and learning about other parts of the country (that quite honestly I so easily write […]

                    Instilling Leadership in Kids With Help From Mother Nature

                      Today we welcome Jennifer of Mommy Hiker to the blog.  I absolutely love her photography and words – and she has some great thoughts about how our children learn so much from nature!   Placing a focus on instilling in our kids the positive pillars that mark a great leader, is a just and noble […]