Read Outside!

    This is my favorite time of the year, at least when it pertains to getting the kids outside easily. I am sure as soon as I hit publish the weather will change and I’ll be eating my words, but for a while we are living in this glorious sweet spot of get-outside-weather. It’s not too […]

    Celebrating World Animal Day

      Sometimes I feel like we can’t get away from some population of animals around here….even if we wanted to. Elk and bison and ground squirrels and snakes and bears and big horn sheep….oh my! But, while we easily take it for granted, I know where we live is incredibly unique in our country and even […]

      Junior Explorers Review + Giveaway

        We are always on the lookout for quality programs that enhance and supplement J’s kindergarten homeschool (and just learning in general for our whole family!) We’ve actually tried quite a few of them now – some definitely better than others. Today I have the opportunity to share Junior Explorers with you. Geared towards children aged […]

        Teaching Outdoor Kids about Weather

          Today I welcome my family friend, Erica to the blog. She hails from Kodiak (yep, the island known for the “Kodiak bear”) where she lives with her husband and two children. While my experience with Kodiak was only swim meets a couple different years in high school (was best traveling fun ever because we got […]

          World Animal Day and the Dawn Wildlife Program

              We just happen to be surrounded by wildlife around here – sometimes more than I would like to be. Elk and bison are a daily part of our life. Bear, wolves, coyotes and other small animals make their homes nearby. We literally can’t “Get away from it all”. However, while my kids can make […]

            Groovy Lab in a Box Review + Giveaway

              If you have been following along here, you know that we are diving into the world of homeschool. While it took a couple weeks to get our heads to stop spinning and our feet back on the ground, we’re thinking we made a good choice. I have no idea how long we will choose to […]

              Juggling Family Adventures and School

                This is the time of the year when for families in particular the focus shifts to school and schedules and away from the trail. It’s easy to set aside outdoor adventures for the summer months and give them little thought throughout the late summer/fall, especially as our commitments ramp up.  We are on day three […]