Let the Kids Play! + Giveaway

    **This post is sponsored by Gymboree and their “One Big Happy Play Day” campaign. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a giveaway of what my kids keep saying are “the BEST clothes we have EVER worn” (they tend to be pretty enthusiastic….)**   Summer is made for running and racing, […]

    Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

      It’s finally here! Spring and then summer and hiking and camping and all things outdoors. After a long winter, we are more than ready to get out in nature as much as possible (without having to wrestle everyone into snow suits).   This is the time of the year that I always do a little […]

      O.F.F. Adidas Outdoor

        O.F.F. = Outdoor Fashion Friday.  Our (almost) weekly segment featuring our favorite styles for the season. Everything I share are pieces that can be worn all day long and stand up to the “use and abuse” of serious adventures. As a family, we appreciate clothing that is worth our hard-earned money. It’s what we wear […]

        Welcoming Wee Woollies + Special 24 hour coupon code

          I am SO excited to welcome our newest blog sponsor, Wee Woollies. We wore their base layers all last year and wall three kids are outfitted for another year with fresh colors and sizes. Wee Woollies are one of those gems that I found (thanks to Mountain Baby <– another great shop to check out, especially all […]

          Easy Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

            My boys are busy and active and drive me crazy if they don’t get out and move as much as humanly possible.  I LOVE it, but I am also always trying to think of creative ways to challenge them.  They (separately and collectively) also happen to be full of grandeur plans and ideas (“let’s build […]

            Simplify Your Outdoor Time

              Most weekends as a family we plan a little day-trip – we head to a familiar park, explore a new one, play on the beach or work our way down a trail. Before we reach THAT MOMENT that screams, “get me out of the house,” my husband and I make the eye-contact, “where to this […]

              The Difference a Year Makes

                We are absolutely, 100% in the middle of those “tough-years-of-getting-out-with-kids”.  Toddlers are unpredictable, moody, hilarious, and constantly keep us guessing.  Meltdowns and redirecting are just part of life.  Add a newborn into the mix in a few weeks (which also means the kids outnumber the parents) and we’re “doomed”. This is why people with young children stay […]

                Outdoor Christmas Projects

                  There are loads and loads and loads of awesome crafty Christmas ideas out there, and I certainly don’t claim any of mine to be completely original! I will, however, suggest a few that incorporate getting those little bodies outside (even if only a few minutes before their fingers and lips are frozen, northern friends!) and […]

                  Getting Younger Kids Outside: Thanksgiving edition

                    As a child, I remember the excitement of watching the turkey cooking, fighting with my siblings over who would baste the turkey, and bundling up to play outside as we awaited the feast! Now with young children of my own, I appreciate even more the significance of holiday traditions and the unity they bring about. […]

                    Keep Kids Kickin’ – Kickboard USA Review

                      I know we talk A LOT about biking on here….because it has provided so much freedom and life lessons for our boys.  However, bikes are certainly not for every family and we get that. To be honest, we have a shed full of wheels – bikes and trailers and wagons and toys….because that is what […]