The Outdoor Mom Academy is OPEN! Limited Spots Available!

    Happy Monday! I am so excited for a second session of the Outdoor Mom Academy and want YOU to join us! Our first session was wildly successful, mostly because of the great community that joined us. We (Rebecca, Susan, and I) shared what we know, of course, but we couldn’t have done it without the […]

    Let’s Talk About (Kids) Pooping on the Trail

      We just returned from a mom-and-kids trip visiting my family in Alaska (where I grew up.) We got in some great hiking and sightseeing of places I am nostalgic for. When you live in the “Lower 48”, it’s not just super easy to get HOME. So, I did my best to fill up my Alaska tank. […]

      Teaching Outdoor Kids about Weather

        Today I welcome my family friend, Erica to the blog. She hails from Kodiak (yep, the island known for the “Kodiak bear”) where she lives with her husband and two children. While my experience with Kodiak was only swim meets a couple different years in high school (was best traveling fun ever because we got […]

        Groovy Lab in a Box Review + Giveaway

          If you have been following along here, you know that we are diving into the world of homeschool. While it took a couple weeks to get our heads to stop spinning and our feet back on the ground, we’re thinking we made a good choice. I have no idea how long we will choose to […]

          Discovering Music and Rhythm in Nature

            My boys are finally at the age now when they can both absorb some tactile lessons in nature.  Since we are just getting started with kindergarten homeschool, I am looking for more intentional learning in nature.  While we will have to be spending some time on a computer for the curriculum we chose, getting outside […]

            Instilling Leadership in Kids With Help From Mother Nature

              Today we welcome Jennifer of Mommy Hiker to the blog.  I absolutely love her photography and words – and she has some great thoughts about how our children learn so much from nature!   Placing a focus on instilling in our kids the positive pillars that mark a great leader, is a just and noble […]

              Sending back the “WAAAHHHHmbulence”

                My boys are cute.  They are smart, funny, entertaining, precious and a whole lot of challenge.  Mtn Papa and I literally fall into bed every night baffled by their energy and constant learning of the world around them.  It is awing and extremely exhausting.  Our days are better when they can run to their heart’s content […]

                Tracking in the Park

                  Around here you really have to watch your step. The amount of poop that sends you side-stepping (or racing to catch the baby before he tastes it) is a sure-tell sign that wildlife is abundant and varying.

                  Truthfully, I like it this way. Not only do we have some fairly good fertilizer making its way into the soil, but the learning opportunities are abundant. Scat (AKA “poop”) along with tracks can tell you a lot about an area, the animals we share it with, and possible dangers on the trail.

                  Multi-Family Adventures

                    This past weekend for the very first time we went hiking with a couple other families.  Funny that we have really never done that before (despite knowing it can be great fun)!  We have certainly hiked/skied with other people, but not families with kids. We had six kids between us (all under the age of […]

                    Cross Country Skiing for Kids

                      We do a lot of different kinds of skiing in our family. Cross country in the backcountry is my favorite.  I love the workout, the peace, the silence (well, usually anyway…), and the fact that the hills are a bit more of just that: hills (not mountains!)  Mtn Papa is the one more into the […]