Bad Outdoor Days just HAPPEN!

    Sometimes things don’t go entirely as planned….even in the small adventures at home.  It is frustrating, discouraging and definitely just life.  Someone please tell me I am not the only one who deals with mornings like the following: I wake up in not the best mood (AKA downright grumpy) and tired from a sleepless night […]

    Making Time for the Outdoors.

      We are all busy.  Everyone has jobs, family, work, cleaning, bills and things that just have to get done. Yes, it is certainly cliche, but those things will be there later too. One of the most difficult parts of getting outside is just getting out the door.  Believe me, I know.  With two kids, it […]

      Making the Most of Failed Outings…

        Yesterday was gorgeous.  It was the last day of vacation for us (meaning Daddy home!) and we were bound and determined to make the most of it (which meant not worrying about the state of the house at all and just getting outside.)  I, personally, was determined to ignore the signs of flu that had […]

        When Adventures don’t happen like they are supposed to….

          We have had our fair share of attempts at getting outside and enjoying the family that have ended in frustration, crying kids and a less-than-ideal situation.  The reality is that those days just happen and we are slowly learning to not see it as a “failure” but rather a “learning experience”.  Since Husband is a […]