Hey Dads! Your Kids Are Watching!

    While Father’s Day is officially celebrated on just one Sunday, I like to really focus the entire week on celebrating all that dads are for their kids. It’s pretty huge. And honestly, our Father’s Day sort of had a lot kids whining AT their father (the most annoying sound in the world, right?!?!), so they/we […]

    Gift ideas for an Outdoor Dad + Giveaway!

      It’s getting close to Father’s Day and we think it’s a great time to honor the dads in our lives. If you missed it before, be sure to check out our “Outdoor Dad Instructional Manual” Post (and comment with what you would add!) We want to just do a quick post on some ideas we […]

      Outdoor Dad Instruction Manual

        It’s June. And June means Father’s Day (among other things, of course). Unfortunately, most kids are out of school, so no gifts are conveniently made during the school day so other parents (or caregivers) are off the hook. We’re pretty sure that’s why Mother’s Day is in May (just to make it easier for you […]

        Why I Taught My Kids to Poop In the Woods

          Today we welcome John to the blog as we finish out this week celebrating dads.  I first “discovered” his writing over at on the Tubbs Snowshoes site and have loved his stories and push for family adventure.  Please welcome John (and, as always, feel free to leave him some feedback in the comments!)  More about […]

          JetBoil Flash and Coffee Press Giveaway

            We are big fans of JetBoil.  They are the quickest and most efficient way to get hot water on the trail.  I actually put off buying one for years because I thought they were silly, but we have absolutely loved ours.  Not only is the quality amazing, they stand behind their products and their customer […]

            A Camping Chair Breakdown + Giveaways

              While I love “going natural” and just sitting on logs/rocks/heaps of dirt while out camping or adventuring, having a good chair along sometimes really does make a difference.  And, because not all camp chairs are created equal, we thought we would spend a little time breaking them down (and showing off their perks and downsides.) […]

              Spring Styles for Men + Giveaways

                I know that in general men aren’t as concerned with “fashion” as women.  However, good clothing certainly has its place and we love it when it  not only looks good, but functions well too.  We (me for the looks, him for the function) appreciate church shirts you can bike and sweat in and pants you […]

                Canoe Camping with Kids

                  Today we welcome Ken Schmaltz to the blog.  He is a dad, a Canadian, an outdoorsmen and a fellow blogger.  I have been asking him for months now to share his stories about canoe camping with his kids (just because I think it sounds like great fun and hope to do it with my family […]

                  Celebrating Dads….all week long!

                    We’re big fans of dads.  Weird as that sounds, sometimes the dads don’t get enough credit around here simply because of the name of our blog (“Mama” not “Mama and Dadda” or something like that!)  But, the fact is that in our family, Dad is pretty important.  In fact, he is the top reason we […]