The Best Pregnancy and Baby Wearing Jacket Extension

    If you’ve been pregnant or had a baby, you’ve been certain that you need like 1000 different items to be survive with a new one and 50 more to be happy. And then after a while you find out that it’s all a lie, and you’ll be itching to rid your living room and closets […]

    Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code

      I am just about 38 weeks pregnant and have been on-guard for a premie baby for 7 weeks now due to dilating early. So thankful that it looks like we may make it full-term, but the mind games are making me a wee bit crazy. But, let’s be honest, pregnancy ALWAYS makes me crazy (and I […]

      The Adventures are Getting More Epic – BIG NEWS!

        The society we live in screams the fact that kids are an inconvenience. Again and again and again. It’s not just in the media, but in the every day decisions we make as families. Even in the adventure world – anything that tends to slow us down is limited or passed on (to daycare, to […]

        Top gear picks for staying active all winter while pregnant

          We’re breaking records here.  This is officially the longest (by 2 weeks) that I have gone in pregnancy.  After two premies, I am a little thrown off by the fact that we are nearly 38 weeks along.  I’m not going to lie – it’s the most uncomfortable I have been. Ever. (Yes, I know all […]

          Mama, Keep those Wheels Rolling!

            At 25 weeks pregnant, I am totally clear of the half way point, obviously pregnant to strangers, feeling good….and only 5 weeks away from when I went on bed rest with P. YIKES! Believe me, the thought of doing that again scares me to death.  I do not sit still well.  At all.  However, I […]

            Stonewear Designs works for Pregnancy too! + A Giveaway

              I love that I will continue my Ambassadorship with Stonewear Designs even through this pregnancy.  While not everything fits nearly as well as it used to, there are a few key pieces that continue to be great.  Which is awesome because this season is my absolute favorite when it comes to Stonewear… I also join […]

              Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventures Full Review

                I am officially over the half way point with this Baby.  And, really, if I go by my previous history I am far beyond that half way point (my boys were born at 34 and 36 weeks).  For a gal who is never very thrilled by being pregnant in general (though the BABY is amazing, […]

                Hike on, Mama! It’s Good for the Baby on Board

                  Today I welcome a fellow outdoor blogger to this space to share about hiking while pregnant.  I believe in what she says whole-heartedly and am happy to share.  Our daily hikes right now look a lot like finding as many hills as possible pushing 80 pounds of kids + stroller, but the refreshing simplicity of […]

                  Peace in the Backcountry and Grand Trunk Double Hammock Review

                    I am completely enamored by the calm and peacefulness of the backcountry.  My soul sings when I can get away and find myself surrounded by just the distractions of nature.  Yes, invariably these years the sound of birds singing is offset by the happy (mostly) screams of my children and their questions and observations.  And […]

                    *Guest Post* Ultra-running + Pregnancy

                      Please welcome Amy to the blog today.  She is actually a friend of a friend and the owner of Jackson Hole Packrafts and Rentals (more on that coming soon….)  In our brief exchanges via phone and email, I knew she would have something great to contribute here!  This post is a little “rewind in time” […]