A Sun Flair Solar Oven Cook-Off!

    My kids are suddenly really into cooking and science in the kitchen. While to be perfectly honest sometimes I can’t stand having anyone underfoot in my tiny area, I LOVED cooking as a kid and want to foster that love for my own kids. Plus there are so many lessons to learn between chemistry, math, […]

    Homemade Healthy Treats for the Trail

      We seem to go through an exorbitant amount of granola bars in our home.  They are quick energy for busy kids and are a standard in our packed lunches and every day get-out-and-go bags.  The rough part is that they are not cheap AND not necessarily as healthy as I wish they were. However, I […]

      Cooking Around the Campfire with Cast Iron

        Until just last year, I was completely unaware of how great cast iron could possibly be.  I was “one of those people” that was sick of sticking food in my pans (which I now know is due to poor seasoning) and the weight of cast iron.  Confession – when my husband and I got married […]

        Real Products Contribute to Play too – DIY Deodorant

            We’ve been talking a lot about real food on the blog lately (and don’t miss our real-food-giveaway this week!), but today I am going to discuss an important product that also plays a role in our outdoor experiences:  deodorant. I am one of those unique individuals who make up a special category of sweaters […]

          Real Finger Foods Recipes ~ Super Bowl or Not!

            I have to admit, my husband and I really enjoy a good football game, with good food & perhaps even an adult beverage in hand. With that said, I cannot tell you the last time we sat and actually watched a game!  Our weekends full of outdoor fun, not to mention our commitment overall wellness, […]

            Switching to Cast Iron with Mighty Nest

              First of all, if you haven’t ever heard of Mighty Nest, you should definitely check them out.  They are a shop full of great great ideas for healthy living, starting in the kitchen. From the founder, Kristen Conn, “MightyNest is a unique Web site that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy […]

              Ice Cream, You Scream, We all Scream for (Camping) Ice Cream!

                When Mtn Papa and I were married 5.5 years ago, we hauled our ice cream ball out to the Forest Service cabin we spent our honeymoon in.  Granted, it was April so we could almost guarantee some sort of snow or ice out there in the mountains to help with the process, but also thought […]

                Camp Treats and a Kids’ Mess Kit Giveaway from Camping Kiddos

                  Today we welcome Shari of the new site, Camping Kiddos, to share with us some of their family’s favorite sweets for camping.  Be sure to read all the way to the end for a chance to win a GREAT mess kit for kids!  However, just a bit about Camping Kiddos first: Dedicated to helping families […]

                  Everything Tastes Better Outside + SmashBox Review and Giveaway

                    There is something special about eating outside, especially after exerting yourself (hiking, biking, chasing kids….you name it!)  As a busy mom, I love when my kids can eat outside because it means that much less of a mess inside.  P is a “thrower” so when we eat in the fresh air, I am not wiping […]

                    Squooshi – Reusable Snack Pouches for all of us Kids! + Giveaway

                      We are on the go A LOT around here. And we haven’t even started the typical “chaos” of school-aged kids, sports, etc. etc. Granted, our travels are usually to get outside (currently go skiing or snowshoeing, etc.) but we are busy all the same. Our car is our “badge of snack honor” – it’s full […]