Put a Bucket on Your Brain – Why You Need a Helmet

    This winter (and every winter), you should be wearing a helmet for any sport that could get your noggin cracked. Ice skating, skiing/boarding, and sledding are the big ones. My kids look at me a little funny when I tell them they don’t need to wear one XC skiing, but maybe they should?!? I don’t […]

    Adventure Through the Holidays – Go Skiing!

      It’s the LAST week of our Adventure Through the Holidays Challenge! Can you believe it?!?! If you want motivation for 2017, be sure to check out our 365 Mile Challenge here. It’s going bananas and is going to be EPIC! This week’s inspire-you post is by Elisa Rispoli (check out more about her here!) I love […]

      12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 6: Skiing and Winter

        **Check here to keep up with all the giveaways for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways Event!** I am SO excited about the giveaways we have for you today! Because we LOVE playing in snow around here and we get to get some kids out too!!! We just went and bought ski passes for the […]

        10 Tips for XC Skiing with Kids (and liking it!)

          Winter is just not winter for me unless there’s snow on the ground. Mostly because snow means sledding and skiing and snow forts and all the fun you can do only in colder temperatures. I have loved cross country skiing for most of my life, and love seeing my own kids get on their own […]

          Great Gear to Keep Kids Warm: 2014 – 2015 Edition

            We get questions all the time about what our kids are wearing and how we keep them warm. I’m always happy to share my thoughts on anything we put on our own kids, but try to reserve a final opinion until we’ve put it through some serious use, extreme temperatures and extended time outside. It’s […]

            KinderLift Vests and KinderKarry Bag Review and *Giveaway*

              We are fortunate to live near a ski area where having kids out on the ski hills at a super young age (18 months – 2 years) is fairly normal.  While ski school starting up this month means crowded weekends on the lower mountain, it also means kids being able to see that there are tons of others their ages […]

              The Difference a Year Makes

                We are absolutely, 100% in the middle of those “tough-years-of-getting-out-with-kids”.  Toddlers are unpredictable, moody, hilarious, and constantly keep us guessing.  Meltdowns and redirecting are just part of life.  Add a newborn into the mix in a few weeks (which also means the kids outnumber the parents) and we’re “doomed”. This is why people with young children stay […]

                12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 5: Fun in the Snow!

                  In case you just found us, make sure you check out all of our giveaways as we celebrate 12 Days of Gear Giveaways here on the blog.  They are only open for 72 hours so you don’t want to miss any! As the west gets slammed with snow this week, this giveaway seems even more appropriate.  We […]

                  *Guest Post* The Hassles and Hoops are Worth It!

                    Today we welcome Amy Hatch back to the blog (if you missed it, check out her previous post all about ultra-running and pregnancy…)  Oh and she also happens to be the owner of Jackson Hole Packrafts and Rentals, which is SOOOO cool and a great way to get out on the water this summer.  While […]

                    Skiing, Voting and Winning (Mammoth) Sleeping Bags!

                      Oh Monday, Monday! We’re loving being outside today, so this will be short and sweet. 🙂 A little glimpse of our weekend (in case you missed it over on our Facebook page): TIP: This is a really good way to keep kids distracted from the effort, yet still moving and on skis.  J had a […]