This Moment {it’s hot!}

    **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** Don’t be fooled by the pants in this picture – it’s been HOT in Florida lately. Surprise, surprise, I know. Having grown up in the PNW, however, I’m not sure if Florida will ever feel “normal” to me – whatever that means :).  We’ve been talking about ice […]

    This Moment {Yellowstone Tiny Trekkers}

      **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** One of my favorite weekly events around here….a “Yellowstone Tiny Trekkers” hike (not always in Yellowstone) with kids. Yellowstone Tiny Trekkers is nothing formal, but a way to get out with the kids, get some hiking in and see some new places.  We have a closed Facebook group […]

      This Moment {a crossroads}

          **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** A glimpse into our daily life and our current happenings would offer a mixture of 1 part normal day to day busy and 5 parts big decisions looming ahead. We are at a crossroads of sorts. The biggest question we are answering is school – Kindergarten! There […]

        This Moment {Mama Needs some Sanity}

          **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** It’s been crazy around here.  I hate to admit it, but I am pretty sure this is the “new normal” of life with three (and all that other extra stuff that has been added on lately.)   It’s life.  And this week I was losing my mind – […]

          This Moment {New Trail Rides}

            **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** We’re pretty excited to have crossed into new territory as a family just recently! Our youngest, Maxson, who turned 2 in December recently decided he’s interested in riding his scooter. Once this kid is interested, he masters whatever his little mind sets out to accomplish. This week, it’s […]

            This Moment {Life in the Mountains}

              **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** Sometimes your kid gets really excited about a stick and then you notice it isn’t a stick at all….  Guess it’s another good lesson on life and death and wildlife?? And I was pretty glad he was wearing mittens. © 2014, Tales of a Mountain Mama. All rights […]

              This Moment {Birthday Reflections Edition}

                **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** We love walking and scooter riding over to this little pier close-by. My birthday girl chose this spot for a morning out this week. Capturing this tranquil shot brought me to reflect upon how our journey is comprised of individual moments. Birthdays have this effect upon me as […]

                This Moment {Puddle Edition}

                  **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** Puddles.  I can’t keep the kids out of them.  And why bother trying?  This was a rare day I didn’t make them wear their DucKsday Rainsuits….  I was up to my eyeballs in laundry that night. Anyone else have some determined puddle jumpers?   © 2014, Tales of […]

                  This Moment {A Glimpse of Spring Edition}

                    **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** A feel of spring may be intermittently “bombed” with 8 inches of snow, but we are feeling the need to dine outside anyway.  The kids think it’s fun and different and the dog happily cleans up any mess (so much easier than sweeping/mopping inside.) Anyone else starting to […]

                    This Moment {Reality on the Trail with Toddlers}

                      **A little glimpse into our daily lives…** Because the reality is this DOES happen on the trail with kiddos!  And that’s ok…  He was having a great time 5 minutes before this and was just DONE.  It’s life.  It happens.  They aren’t scarred forever and won’t end up hating skiing (enter any activity here) because […]